To promote the upcoming film From the Trailer to the Grave, a public service announcement titled "Ammunition Economy" was released today. The PSA is dedicated to Spawny. I think this is especially appropriate since Spawny loved Undead Overrun and the message of the PSA is very applicable to that game mode as well.

Two quick reminders, then on to the video:

1. If you can spare it, please consider donating to help Spawny's (Brittany's) family at this memorial site. Even if you can't donate much, every little bit helps.

2. The Wyoming Short Film Contest is still ongoing. K. Harrison Sweeney's film Undead Lovers is in the lead right now and we need to help keep it that way. If his film wins, a portion of the prize money will be donated to help Spawny's family. Go to this site, register for an account (quick and easy), and cast your vote. Note that you must actually cast a vote for it to count, just "liking" the film is not enough.

And now, here's the PSA:


"Ammunition Economy" Big Horn Samurai (PSA) 2012

Yummiest. Brains. Ever.

(For anyone who reached this page and doesn't know about Spawny, please read this previous post.)

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