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Update: A donation page has been set up to help the Robinson family with medical and funeral expenses. Please consider donating if you are able.

It is with much sadness that I report the following. This morning Spawny's sister posted to K. Harrison Sweeney's Facebook page that Spawny (real name Brittany Robinson) had passed away this morning.

If you aren't familiar with Spawny, she was a huge Red Dead Redemption fan, a very popular contributor to this wiki, and a genuinely nice and generous person. You get a sense of this instantly from reading any of her blog posts.

Over the past year she befriended K. Harrison Sweeney, the voice of Irish, and with his help was able to conduct interviews with several cast members of Red Dead Redemption, culminating in an interview with Rob Wiethoff, the voice of John Marston. This video she posted to YouTube last November about her first interview shows how much it meant to her:



Spawny talks about her interview with K. Harrison Sweeney

We'll certainly miss her here.

K. Harrison Sweeney posted the following on the website for his movie From the Trailer to the Grave. Spawny often posted here about fundraising efforts for the movie.

Brittany Robinson, a jovial woman who was kind enough to do some interviews with some of us on her Red Dead Wiki to publicize this stupid movie, just passed away this morning after last hearing from her on Friday April 6th. I never got to meet her. If you have loved ones you've not spoken to in far too long or opportunities you keep making excuses not to follow through on, take this Easter to forgive one another and move on.
Rest in peace, Brittany.
Outlaws forever,
K. Harrison Sweeney