Red Dead Redemption 2? - Inside Gaming Daily

Red Dead Redemption 2? - Inside Gaming Daily

So this morning, I was surfing Youtube when I found this.

Apparently, the CEO of Take Two interactive felt that the Red Dead series has the potential to become a permanent franchise, similar to the James Bond series.

If the franchis is to return, then it might be one of the next generation games that Take Two has in developement.

Read the full article here:

I know this question has been asked before, but what do u think/want this sequel will be about? Personally, I don't want it to be about Jack after he killed Ross, I want something new. However, I would tolerate a prequel to John Marston's early life and gang days OR a game in between John's abandonement of the gang and the beginning of John's mission for redemption. I beleive the first one would be more of a success. The second one might be good for a DLC, but it might bore many players out because it would probably focus more on ranching and farming missions. 

Anyway, i'm quite excited for this news. Although I think a sequel might take a long time to come out (I estimate 2016-2017) i'm looking forward to indulge into more RDR, not to mention that a new release would really start up more action on this wiki.

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