Hi guys, it's AJ, and I would like to report some things i'm noticing around here.

Well, it's not SOME things, it's one BIG thing.

I feel that this wiki really IS dying, here's why:

1. Where are all the users?

Tell me if i'm wrong, but I have noticed some of the users haven't been here, in like, FOREVER! Now, i'm not singling u out, but it's been quite a while since i've seen Sam, Lush, Matt, Legal, Riley, and even Jack. Have they all moved on? Once again, i'm not singling u guys out. And yes, I know they have lives.

2. No more to edit.

Now, there really isn't anything to edit anymore, the only thing TO edit is to make things "sound" better, clean a minor mistake, or clean vandalism, it's usually nothing EXTREMELY important . Also, it seems the vandalism rate has gone UP. So, in my opinion, it seems that the only thing we do here is undo, and chat. Sure that's not HORRIBLE, but what were the RED DEAD glory days like here?

3. No more RED DEAD with Rockstar.

As we all know, Rockstar dosen't care about RDR anymore, and i've heard people say R* DOSEN'T EVEN care about the RED DEAD series anymore. This part kinda falls under "No more to Edit", but because R* JUST THREW AWAY RDR, and supposivly the entire future RED DEAD series, what exactly will be the "point" here? There will be nothing to add, so all in all, this wiki just.......... becomes "Tumbleweed".

4. What will happen?

So, of all of these, it makes a perfect scenario on how this wiki might fall, but what happens (if it does), after it does. Who will close the wiki, or will this just be put on hold until the next one comes out in 2019. :P (Just kidding). What if we close the wiki, but then we find out another Red Dead game is in the works? Would we have enough initiative to build it up again? With all the past RED DEAD game info?


All in all, I am definetly not condemning anyone here or any thing in that range, but I just kinda wanna get people thinkin', and to raise awareness. Plus, I am not saying that I hate this wiki now. Trust me, I still love this wiki and all my friends here, but Jesus, will all this become a reality one day?

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