Lately I've been having massive connectivity issues. Not only in public free roam or matches, but also in private free roam and matches, and boy does it suck.

Normally, in a public free roam, I'll be able to play about two minutes before I'm thrust out of the game because of connectivity issues. Then I'm placed in the never-ending loading loop, which sucks. I have to go back to dashboard, and most of the time I even have to open and close the tray a couple of times because my Xbox 360 is broken, and I'm too cheap to send it in for a repair.

What sucks even more is that I can't even play with friends in private free roam now. Well sure, I can play with some friends, some times, but a lot of the times, I'm thrown out of that as well. For example, I played with a friend yesterday. When another friend of mine joined, I was thrown out. When I rejoined, he was thrown out. And it just went on like that. I have no idea why. It might be the fact that he lives in the States and I live in Norway, but it still shouldn't happen, not with dedicated servers.

So, until they fix this extremely annoying glitch, I'm going back to Modern Warfare 2. I've still got one challenge left on the AK-47 before I can prestige again. See you guys when the connectivity issues are no more.

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