Some news tidbits for you gamers.

New multiplayer playlist

On Monday 31st (Memorial Day for you Americans), Rockstar will release a new playlist for the Redemption Multiplayer Competitive Modes. The Gang Shootout and Expert Gang Shootout modes lets you and your posse fight against a competing posse, to the death! The battles will take place in one of four areas, Armadillo, Chuparosa, Tumbleweed or Hennigan's Stead.


The Guardian interview Bill Elm and Woody Jackson

Bill Elm and Woody Jackson are the composers of the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. The two sat down with The Guardian for an interview regarding the Redemption OST and game soundtracks in general.

"[...]The obvious difference is that film music is written to fit a finite scene, whereas with the video game, we're working in five-minute loops. It's really wide open, but also very hard, because there are all sorts of things happening with layers. If the player shoots someone, suddenly the music changes, so we have to think, 'okay, does this work over the top of that?'.[...]"

Read the full interview here.

Rockstar responds to the fans!

You have to give it up to Rockstar. Undoubtedly, they have a lot of stuff going on right now. RDR is still pretty fresh, and they've had some bugs they needed to fix already. In addition, they have DLCs to release. In the midst of all this, they sat down and answered a lot of the questions asked by... well, anyone!

According to Rockstar, they're working around the clock on fixing the persisten and major bugs gamers have suffered. Everything from connection issues to loading loops and invisible characters.

Mostly they answer such simple questions about the contents of the game and the coming DLCs. Heck, they even answer what kind of hat John Marston uses. You can read all the questions and their answers right here.

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