There are a lot of multiplayer challenges, and all of them aren't that easy. To help you along, Rockstar wrote this article, that'll give you some handy tips on how to finish the Sharpshooter challenges, and the Master Hunter challenges.

Known for their Multiplayer Events, the Rockstar developers aren't slacking at all, and is going to host yet another event this evening, on Friday the 18th, between 4 and 7 PM Eastern Time. Buckle up, as this is your chance to get the Red Dead Rockstar achievement, or trophy. Read up on how to find the developers and how to join them right here.

Lastly, Rockstar previously wrote a little something about some of the brands in Red Dead Redemption, and made some neat wallpapers for your computer. These are things most people probably don't even notice, but that are absolutely hilarious! Get your right size on their Downloads page.

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