Some great news for those with connectivity issues, I think! I haven't gotten to try out this patch myself, but Title Update 1.02 is supposed to fix a couple of bugs, including some related to connectivity issues.

It was released today on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. All you need to do is connect to internet and boot up the game, and the patch will download and install all by itself. Here's a list of the changes the patch will bring to the game:

  • Resolved various NAT incompatibility issues
  • Improved connectivity to multiplayer for users with slower connections
  • Improved reporting for Shootout and Gang Shootout games
  • Fixed instance where Mo Van Barr would not appear as a bounty
  • Fixed multiplayer titles not appearing for some users in the outfitter
  • Fixed instance where lawmen stopped responding even though the player was wanted
  • Fixed Issue with hogtied victims disappearing when ragdolled
  • Fixed crash in Free Mode when cooking dynamite and going into the water
  • Fixed audible glitch at the end of some cutscenes
  • Fixed Solomon's Folly Action Area not ending after posse leader teleports in late
  • Corrected Social Club 100% Tracker so stats update properly
  • Various multiplayer issues addressed including load screen hang-ups and UI glitches
  • Eliminated miscellaneous game crashes

In addition, the patch brings on a new game mode for Multiplayer, the Hardcore Free Roam mode. In this mode, only expert targeting is allowed. This playlist will be available as soon as Rockstar knows that the patch is fully functional.


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