I must say I am impressed at all the work that has gone into the production of RedDeadWiki. This has obviously been a labor of love for a lot of people. I must also say that I love RDR. The game has been one of the most fun video games I have played in quite a while.

The one thing that bugs me about the wiki is that I really have to hunt for information about the multiplayer side of the game. I have all but finished the single player, and am pretty much scraping for my 100%, and now I am engrossed in the multiplayer game. But the multiplayer "portal" of the wiki is not as easily navigable as the single player side. Why?

Quite a few people that I have spoken to in multiplayer haven't even played the single player game at all. They just went straight into the multiplayer experience, wanting to pit their skills against other human players. They care nothing for the depth of story, the beautiful scenery, or the excellent internal mechanisms set up to balance the single player game (like Red Eye which is not existant in multiplayer in a really usable form). They just want to shoot other humans. Which is a perfectly acceptable goal in a freeform, sandbox multiplayer experience like RDR multiplayer. So, why don't we cater to these people and offer information in an easy to find and digest fashion?

If I want to understand RDR multiplayer without having the game running, just from the information on this website, some of the information is available in easily accessible form on the main multiplayer page, there is way too much information on some subjects (information overload), and other information that should be there (where to find better weapons, the fact that there are no personal or horse consumables like apples, moonshine, medicine, survival maps, etc).

I think that we can and should do better. I know that I will spend some time each day, time that I would normally spend playing RDR, trying to update and simplify the Multiplayer portal and sub-pages. I hope that some others will do the same.

Anub1tz 17:12, July 9, 2010 (UTC)

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