hello, this blogs about my idea that will cover all wanted aspects of RDR multiplayer

R* gave an update that split free roam up, friendly free roam, hardcore free roam and normal free roam. I think there should be a realism free roam that should include the following that will mak the wild west experince more realistic.

  1. no more gang hideouts, instead they become posse bases for posses to conquer.
  2. posses are only formed after the leader catches a base, then he can form one. without a base the posse cant exist.
  3. NPC posses attack the bases, leaving players to defend them at the risk of breaking up their posse.
  4. in each major town wanted posters are put out for players that arent in a posse, they include the detials of the player that needs to be killed, normally a posse leader. once killed the player gains a large ammount of xp.
  5. trains, with stop/start controls, they automatically stop at major towns.
  6. the lasso, to hogtie other players, but the hogtie only lasts a minute, then the victim is released. adds fun to the game.
  7. singleplayer random encounters happen.
  8. mexico is bordered off to until two gang hideouts in new austin is captured
  9. west elizabeth is a dead zone where undead roam, seems a little farfetched, i know but it means that the UN side is covered. blackwater is the only safe zone, where the villagers are defending it.
  10. mythical animals can be tamed with the lasso and then become the players mount until the animal is killed, war, famine, death, pestilence and the unicorn (only these five in each map). also th chupacabra exists in mexico, to be killed for fun.

If you have any thoughts on this you feel are useful please express them to me as id like to hear them :)

Friendly comment from Sykesey 17:33, April 26, 2012 (UTC)

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