Well, aside from Ollie's experience, I too encountered the supernatural. This one, however; was more serene and tranquil.  The location: Silent Stead. 

North of Tumbleweed and northeast of Cuevaseca is a stretch of land beneath the mountainside called "Silent Stead". An abandoned house sits decaying in the hot, intense heat. A neglected bed, shelf, table with chairs, dresser, and fireplace are left. This dwelling has no story and is not gossiped about by anyone. Well, there is a story, and I am going to tell it to you. Enjoy. 

The year, 1865. A man, Herald Bashton, builds a house underneath the mountainside. A few months go by, and the house is finally complete. His hands are bloody and bruised. He loses so much weight that others think he is a corpse. His nights are quiet and peaceful. What he doesn't know is that this area is all ready occupied. Occupied by Ayasha, an Indian woman who was raped by a white cattle rustler and therefore banished from her tribe. She was pregnant with the rustler's baby, and both died from the intense heat and starvation. 

Herald is sleeping soundly until cries cause him to abuptly awake. He sprints outside, the shotgun in hand, an searches for the crying intruder. He sees a transparent woman standing by the outhouse. He is frozen by some magical force. His eyes watch as she carresses his cheek and kisses his lips. Her caress and kiss are not felt by either. 

For three weeks, he stands by the shack consuming no food or beverage, eventhough, he is starving and thirsty. Soon, he collapses by sleep deprivation, hunger, and thirst. His body slowly decays and hungry wolves nibble on his corpse. No one knows of this man, and no one makes searches for his body. 

Ayasha was alone in the wilderness for aproximately three weeks. Some say her touch caused Herald to feel her agonizing pain, therefore; dying like she did. Others say he was plundered and killed by bandits. No one really knows, but if you go through the house, at nightfall, and out by the shack, you might hear the cries of Ayasha, the poor Indian woman starving.

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