BandiCooper BandiCooper 29 October 2012

We need a PROPER flying glitch tutorial, Goddamnit!

Seriously, all those ones on YouTube are either vague, leave out vital details, or both. Someone needs to make one that's easy to understands and goes through the process step by step.

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BandiCooper BandiCooper 3 September 2012

Twin Rocks vs Tesoro Azul

Which do you think is a better place to grind? I think Tesoro Azul because it gives more XP and can be completed pretty fast. Twin Rocks can be completed fast too but it doesn't give as much XP. Plus I suck at it.

Which is better? Twin Rocks Tesoro Azul

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BandiCooper BandiCooper 22 August 2012

What do you want to see in Red Dead 3?

What improvements/new features do you want to see in Red Dead 3? One thing I really want to see is room for more people in Free Roams. Like, you could have an option to go into a free roam that can have up to 16 players, or 32 players, all the way up to 100! (imagine a two posses with 50 people each battling) I'd also like to have the ability to merge posses. The leaders from each posse could duel each other to see who becomes the leader of the new posse or something. That's not all I'd like to see, but I can't think of anything else right now.

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