from 1985 Big Audio Dynamite's song Medicine Show was a british post punk song with many samples from some of the best and most popular Western movies, it features samples from The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Duck you Sucker, and even Treasure of the Sierra Madre'.


Covered wagon medicine show Take you to the place where the healing flows Weak in spirit we got the juice Wont save your soul it`ll shine your shoes Treated king to kangaroo Santa Fe to Timbuktu Don`t be fooled by imitation This is the stuff that cured a nation We took the tube and the high plains too Never stopped long just passing through A drop of the laughter of the maids of France Makes a hopeless cripple dance

It was really vile weather When we got to tarred and feathered You could hear the six guns sound As they chased us out of town

Guaranteed don`t you know Money back? You`ll get a no! It`s the one and only medicine show

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