After Spending the night in an abandon cabin, Owen and John were preparing to embark to Armadillo to kill their old friend Elijah. They sat down outside the cabin and Owen began cutting off peices of rabbit that he had spit roast over a small fire. "So," John said, chewing a peice of rabbit, "why do ya reckon he'd be in Armadillo?" Owen replied, "Because there is a bar and a poker room, plain and simple. Think about it; he's been run out of West Elizabeth by bookies tryin' to get him to pay his debt AND he's run up such a tab at every bar in the territory that no bartender in their right mind would serve him" "Makes sense I 'spose." John replied. "That and a travelling doctor back at Rathskeller told me he saw him playin' poker there 'bout a week ago". "How do ya know he's still there?" John inquired. "I don't, but we have to start somewhere. We know for sure he isn't in West Elizabeth, unless he's up in Tall Trees with the Injuns. Doubt he's come all the way out here to Gap Tooth as well; he probly don't got the gumption it takes to survive in this God forsaken desert". "Right," John replied, "But we gotta know when to get 'im. We can't just ride in, shoot up the town and leave, we gotta plan". "I reckon we'll do some lookin' 'round before we kill 'im. Ya know, spyin' and all that shit". John stamped out the fire and said "Sounds like a plan to me." and they began toward Armadillo. They arrived about 11:00, so they had some day light to burn. They went into the saloon and had a drink. Owen said to the bartender, "Ever heard of a man called Elijah Benson"? "Yea," the bartender said, "comes in here every day at 1:00 to get drunk and play poker". "Hopefully not in that order." Owen said. John and Owen finished their drinks and then ran across the street to the building where the train station keeps the luggage and climed on top. John began to go over the plan, "Ok, so this shouldn't be too hard. We put on these bandanas and have a drink at the bar before he goes to play poker. We dress in these wool jackets so he can't recognize our usual clothes. Elijah may be a drunk, but he is a coward as well. I know he will remember us. Anyway, the bar doesn't allow guns, so we will slip these Colt Peacemakers into our boots. Once he goes in the back room, we slide in and gun him down". "It's perfect," Owen said, "but what happens if-" Owen was cut off by the sound of three stage coaches and eight other men on horse back noisily riding into the town. "What the hell is all of this?" Owen said.

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