Anomaly Madness - Day 1

Hennigan's Stead Madness

I was travelling to MacFarlane's Ranch from Armadillo when I decided to stop. As I did so, I saw two strange figures behind me. When I got closer I saw it was two people. One was sitting down while the other was sat up. I went closer, this is when it got weirder. The woman lying down was covered in blood, dead. She had a bottle by her hand. The man next to her was drinking through a bottle, the same bottle that was by the woman's hand. Suddenly, he dropped the bottle, shivered, then dropped to the floor dead. I'm pretty sure they're were dead because they were covered in blood plus that you don't see people drunk that far from saloons. Maybe this is a new anomaly. Has anyone seen this before? And why are they covered in blood?

Anomaly Madness - Day 2

Perdido Madness

I was in Sepulcro looking for the chest there when I saw two figures sitting on top of a hill. Yes you guessed it, it wa the same thing that had happened at Hennigan's Stead a few days before. I'm certain this is an anomaly now. Instead of watching, I try to alter what is about to happen. I use my Carcano Rifle to destroy the bottle. The bottle explodes into thousands of shards. The shards fly into the woman who was drinking the bottles face. She drops to the floor dead.

Diez Coronas Madness

I was just north of Torquemada and I wanted to get to the dock just north of the San Luis River. My horse needed more stamina so I gave it some Horse Pills. As I fed them to the horse's mouth, a chair appeared floating in the air. Now, I'm pretty sure pills don't look like a chair. Anyone seen this before?

A Return To The Stead

I returned to the spot of my first encounter of the "Suicide Couple". As I arrive there, a message appears on the top-left of the screen. It explains a new anomaly heading my way, "Stagecoach Attack". Basically several bandits attack a stagecoach. I chose to defend it. R* is adding in all different anomalies now.

Rio Bravo Madness - Bandit Cops

I was riding towards Fort Mercer when randomly I was wanted. I had not hit anything and I had a clean slate at the time. The cops I saw riding towards me weren't the police, or marshalls, they were bandits. It wasn't a posse because it has the Wanted sign on the top right corner. Anyone have any ideas?

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