Just wondering i am 51 years old and love red dead. Anyone that loves Clint Eastwood movies of my generation

would love this game. I kwow a few guys around my age that play. Once played  in a free roam with a guy in his 70s.

Anyone have a idea about how to start posses for 40 yrs old and up?

Something else is on my mind . All of you  RD fans out there ! Dont you think rockstar should be making a

new RD. This blog post is the place to let are voices be heard. So when you post a comment on this site end it with

WE WANT A NEW RED DEAD                                                                                                                     

I hate when player bcome invencible . Is ther e anything that can be done to player that play this way ?

Anyone have a solution ?

I played the other night joined a posse. They told me to come in peace at Pikes Basin.

They killed me as soon as i got there new where the spawn point was and killed me over and over

there cheaters to and they suck!

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