Rank 1: Cattleman Revolver, El Senor Mount.

Rank 2: Repeater Carbine.

Rank 3: Throwing Knives.

Rank 4: Lusitano Nag Mount.

Rank 5: Volcanic Pistol.

Rank 6:

Rank 7:

Rank 8: Winchester Repeater, Turkmen Mount.

Rank 9: Schofield Revolver.

Rank 10:

Rank 11: Pump Action Shotgun.

Rank 12:

Rank 13: Springfield Rifle.

Rank 14:

Rank 15: Dynamite.

Rank 16:

Rank 17: Double-Action Revolver.

Rank 18: Sawed Off Shotgun.

Rank 19:

Rank 20: Rolling Block Sniper Rifle.

Rank 21:

Rank 22: Fire Bottle, Cleveland Bay Mount.

Rank 23:

Rank 24: Semi-Automatic Pistol.

Rank 25:

Rank 26: Semi-Automatic Shotgun.

Rank 27:

Rank 28: Carcano Sniper Rifle.

Rank 29:

Rank 30:

Rank 31:

Rank 32: Henry Repeater.

Rank 33: Hungarian Half-Bred Mount.

Rank 34:

Rank 35: High Power Pistol.

Rank 36:

Rank 37: Double-Barrel Shotgun.

Rank 38:

Rank 39:

Rank 40: Bolt Action Rifle, American Standardbred Mount.

Rank 41:

Rank 42:

Rank 43: Evans Repeater.

Rank 44:

Rank 45:

Rank 46: LeMat Revolver.

Rank 47:

Rank 48:

Rank 49: Mauser Pistol,

Rank 50: Buffalo Rifle, Bonzo Mount (Bull).

After you have passed all these ranks, you can choose to stay at level 50, or pass into legend. When you pass into legend, you have to pass ranks to level 50 all over again. Yes, when you do this, you will loose all your wepons and mounts, but your characters and titles remain the same. You have the choice to pass into legend every time you reach level 50. Plus, you get a legendary character every time you pass into legend. Unfortunately for the girls, there is only one girl legendary character, and that is a really old women, Hahaha. If any of you new comers out there need help with anything on Red Dead Redemption on PS3, please feel free to contact me, i would be honoured to help.

These are the legendary mounts you unlock every time you go up a prestige...

Prestige 1: Buffalo.

Prestige 2: Albino Buffalo.

Prestige 3: Super Bull.

Prestige 4: Zebra Donkey.

Good luck all you gunslingers out there, and don't give up. A strong cowboy or cowgirl never gives up!

Remember, my user name on PS3 is Fairyell. Contact if needed!

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