Undead OverRun was a good game mode then it first came out, a good way of getting XP. Then Rockstar patched it and made it not as good, you couldn't go as far on the map, sometimes the Undead wouldn't appear in large numbers for a while, and not forgetting the sudden death in Sudden Death. Anyway Rockstar has took notice of this and are repatching it. But is there room for more improvement to Undead OverRun what else could be added to it. Well here are my surggestions to what I think would improve it

  1. Not only should Undead OverRun be just in graveyard but also in towns like Blackwater, Armadillo, Escalera plus the Tomb, Chuparosa, MacFarlane's Ranch and possibly more. So instead of holding them back at the graveyards you now have to defend the town. Also you could have a few ramdom NPC's defending the town as well.
  2. Another idea would be not only should there be Undead people in Undead OverRun but also Undead amimals like the Wolfs, Cougar and the Bears though from there enviroment e.g. the Bears near Blackwater. This would put a little bit more terror into the game, say you're shoot back the Undead, then you hear the Cougar, you'd be like "Where the hell did that come from?"

These are two I came up with but what else could be included to make Undead OverRun better. So comment below if you have any throughts or ideas you think that'll improve Undead OverRun Please now comment on this blog page Thank you

Fist of Dollars

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