It won't belong now till the new Myths and Mavericks DLC comes out, which should give us some good stuff to play around with, but what else is there. Again there is so much more that can be put in this game for both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. There has been comments on some of the pages on this Wiki saying "this & that should be added to this game. Now these are my opinions that "could" be added some you may agree with some you may disagree with. So lets start with Singleplayer what could be added to it

  • Prequal - Showing John's life in Dutch's gang showing what they did and also how John left the gang after the Bank Robbery going wrong.
  • A DLC about Jack showing his life after avenging his Father by killing Edgar Ross
  • A whole DLC about Landon Rickett's life and adventures and the Blackwater Massacre of 1899

Now this next ideapeople may like it or not but something similar to the new Cowboys & Aliens movie. Now this would include new weapons in a way would be similar to Undead Nightmare as a new threat has swept across the Frontier, so things like cattle burn, animals spooked, strange noises overhead, strange marking around, people going missing and then after a certain point the ships come over head, attacking towns etc it could work. This is just a through as I'm seeing this film later.


  • More Hideouts in Free Roam
  • More Hunting Grounds in Free Roam
  • More Carts and Wagons
  • More Character Skins
  • Some new Legend Levels
  • More Locations for Undead OverRun, plus Undead animals included
  • Cart/Raft races
  • Open out some buildings e.g. Blackwater Bank, MacFarlance's House etc
  • More Multiplayer Challenges
  • New Multiplayer matches e.g. Attack/Defend a Steamboat, Hunting matches, Bounty Matches, Law & Outlaw matches (like Cops & Crocks on GTA IV)
  • New animals to be added
  • Drinking game - like 5 finger fillet where you have to press the right buttons and gets faster and harder the more drunk you get the last player who doesn't pass out wins

Well at the moment thats all I can think of but there is more so what would you like to see included in this game and why.

Please now comment on this blog page Thank you

Fist of Dollars

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