Hello, my name is High-Def. I have been gaming seince Atari. And this game by far has given me the most game for my dollar! For a game to have been out this long and to have had no MAJOR server issues or bugs is amazing in the wake of so many other failers by other game makers. I am at 99.5% complete in single player and I'm on my second "legendary" rank. This game just has so much to offer that it will be strange to play a CoD or SOCOM game without [[free roam[[. Even if the other games have a good single player and online, they are still missing free roam. And now that it's shown that this much game can be packed on one disk the other woun't seem quite full enough. Like the other game makers are taking the easy way out.

Anyway that's my .02 I'm sure alot of you have different oppinions. Just think about what I've said and think of how that equates in your own gaming experience.

High-Def 18:35, July 29, 2010 (UTC)

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