For those who don't know, Slink Bradshaw is a member of thr Bollard Gang. He's a sniper of sorts as he tends to carry a Springfield or some sort of Repeater along with his partner in crime Gus Ballard. Now the reason I was hunting him down: a posse of five people, myself included, were doing the Fort Mercer gang hideout on Free Roam. We kill the defenses on the walls and charge in like raving lunatics, not the best tactic I know. Anyways our posse leader, a fella named Steve, began to run to the next area where the Fort Mercer leader spawns only to be instantly headshotted with a Springfield by Bradshaw. Bradshaw proceeded to kill two other members of our posse with help from Ballard whilst in a sniper tower, leaving only me and my friend from the ranch Agave Viejo. We dealt with everyone else and made our way up to the tower. My friend throwing knifed Ballard and he tumbled from the wall leaving only Bradshaw. However instead of killing him we thought, you know what this guy is pretty skilled just let him run away. So we did. We disarmed him, made him surrender and let him leave. This proved to be a fatal decision. We finished Fort Mercer and stepped outside the back enterance only to be greeted with a faceful of Semi-Automatic shotgun, courtesy of a limping Slink Bradshaw. Something similar happend at Pike's Basin as well, so a team of three handpicked Private Investigators and myself went to Thieves' Landing in order to bring Slink to justice. We searched the saloon and found no sign of him so we began to 'rough up' the locals a bit. Unfortunately whilst beating up Werner Cobb, a member of the Bollard Gang, Julius Grimes falcon punched an Investigator and sent him headfirst into the water. A quick explaination of what happened, Julius Grimes is another member of the Bollard Gang and is the first character unlocked when you go into Legendary mode. Falcon punching is when an NPC engages in fistycuffs with you and instead of a regular punch its a super powered crazy mofo punch. It only taked two punches to knock you over in a wide area, but if you are in a corner or against a wall it may only take one! Anyways we lost an investigator and we were no closer to Slink. After a lot of investigating we had dispatched of Werner Cobb, Julius Grimes, Pinky Wilson, Harry Dobbins and Irving Pennick. While we were interrogating a local he got violent and pulled a gun on me. I took a bullet to the chest but a fellow Investigator managed to kill him before I died. Because of this though, all of Thieves' Landing turned against us. We took cover behind a bunch of crates trying to return fire without getting slaughtered. Sadly, Elmore Vinnis the leader of Tumbleweed sprinted at us with a Pump Action shotgun and destroyed another investigator. The chances for us looked slim. Two of us against Thieves' Landing residents, criminals and the Bollard Gang. We hadn't even killed Bradshaw! As we contemplated going out with a ...'bang'...we finaly spotted him emerging from the Saloon, aiming up a Henry Repeater. Now the only problem is that we were pinned down by everyone else and should we pop up to aim we would get ripped apart. Suddenly a horse charged down the road with a Mexican riding it. The Mexican pulled out a revolver and blasted a Bollard Gang member. He took out another before his horse was killed and he had to take cover. I managed to run over to where he was in cover in order to see who the hell it was. When I looked at his face it was none other than our elderly chicken feeder from Agave Viejo. Señor Delgadez had come to save us. With an extra gun we could win this! As my friend killed a local another Mexican charged in killing the Bollards. Tony our alcoholic friend! With his and Señor Delgadez's help we fought them back and managed to get Slink to his knees. Revenge was extracted with a throwing knife to the eye. Victory was ours. The moral is don't let a gang member go free, he will turn against you. Don't get your gun out in Thieves' Landing, you will get shot. Always have some ranch hands ready to spring into action if you need help, especially elderly chicken feeders and alcoholics.

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