• J dog 711

    We all know that Liars And Cheats brought almost all the important people in characters.

    But they are missing the most awesome ones! Why doesnt rockstar make a new DLC,

    with more impartant characters like Norman Deek, Eli, Jonah, Nastas, Mother Supireor, Drew MacFarlane,Uncle, De Santa, Landon ricketts, Javier Escuella! What the heck! how did Luisa get into the Liars and Cheats, but not uncle or Javier Escuella? Or Landon! All these great characters should be put in a DLC, with better gang hideouts... Venters place? really? We need more big gang hideouts like torquemada or Cochinay! Theres no gang hideout for dutchs gang but 3 for walton's gang? Dutchs is big, and not even a hideout, and it should earn more XP, like Pikes Basin. what do you …

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  • J dog 711

    New DLC with gang hideouts

    February 27, 2011 by J dog 711

    Ok, so Liars and Cheats came out, but the gang hideouts sucked! they werent origional AT ALL. and were in stupid places with 453xp max. I think that they should make a new map pack, with 2 large gang hideouts, like pikes basin, But In cochinay, or in Torquemada, since they removed the transport there for no reason...

    Also, many characters they forgot to add in Liars and Cheats. What about Uncle! what about Eli and Jonah!
    They dont even need to add much, 9 at the most, such as:

    Norman Deek, Mother Superior (who wouldnt want to play red dead as a nun), Eli, Jonah, Nastas, Drew MacFarlane, Uncle, De Santa, Landon ricketts. How great would that be!

    Plus with 2 new gang hideouts, Cochinay and Torquemada, that would be even better!
    Cochinay could be:…

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