Ok, so Liars and Cheats came out, but the gang hideouts sucked! they werent origional AT ALL. and were in stupid places with 453xp max. I think that they should make a new map pack, with 2 large gang hideouts, like pikes basin, But In cochinay, or in Torquemada, since they removed the transport there for no reason...

Also, many characters they forgot to add in Liars and Cheats. What about Uncle! what about Eli and Jonah!
They dont even need to add much, 9 at the most, such as:

Norman Deek, Mother Superior (who wouldnt want to play red dead as a nun), Eli, Jonah, Nastas, Drew MacFarlane, Uncle, De Santa, Landon ricketts. How great would that be!

Plus with 2 new gang hideouts, Cochinay and Torquemada, that would be even better!
Cochinay could be:
- Kill the guards at the entrance.
- Kill the guards in the first cam p and destroy the Box of weapons.

- Move to the second camp and kill the gunner.

- Get into the caves and kill the men. Kill the boss (which would be on the finishing rock, Nekoti Rock i beleive)

That could earn you like 1900xp! It would be a great add on and rockstar should think about it!!!
What do you guys think?

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