Rockstar has released the third trailer for the game, and it includes many more new details on the game and characters. We've got an idea for what it'll be like, so let's take a look at it.


We've got more shots of Dutch's gang and other characters in the game. In the opening scene, we see the gang holding up a train. We see Dutch, Bill, Arthur, and other members. However, we can't see the blonde woman or Marston, so maybe they simply don't take part in the robbery. In other scene's, we see the blonde woman stabbing something, and Marston being held at knifepoint. We see federal agents, including a character who seem to be Edgar Ross. We can view another federal agent who could be Ross' mentor. One of the members of Dutch's gang seems to be a Native American, which might end up explaining more about how the new Dutch's gang consists of only Native Americans. A man who looks like Uncle appears with the gang.


The game takes place in 1899. This would be 7 years before the botched robbery in 1906 which resulted in John being left for dead. It is likely that the game will end possibly with John betraying his gang after being left for dead. The game may have time shifts after certain big missions in the game, moving forward from a year at the most to about 3 months at the least. When these times shifts happen, we could see changes beyond minor changes. We could see the characters change, but it's unlikely we'll see the game world change overtime.


It seems that the gang members will change overtime. Beginning in 1899, it's possible that the game will begin with a botched robbery that creates tenseness within the gang, similar to the opening mission of GTA V. However, the game may do like GTA V, and begin in 1899, but change years after the opening mission, but this is unlikely. It seems we'll rob banks, as we see more than 1 bank being robbed. We may be able to rob them in complex setups, and we could end up robbing them outside of missions, like in Red Dead Redemption. The new ability to rob trains has been added and showed more. It may be similar to the train robbery seen by Marston and Uncle in Red Dead Redemption.

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