With the new Red Dead game set to be released anywhere from four to six months from now, Red Dead Wiki is preparing for the boost of activity by modernizing. The first step in this process is to open a Discord server for the channel. It will be a good addition to the wiki, and will help to draw users to the wiki. There are a few pros and cons to opening a Discord server.


  • Discord has a number of features that Wikia chats don't have.
  • Bots on Discord can do a number of things.
  • Each user is in a category.
  • Messages can be edited to correct a mistake.


  • There are no time limits to bans.
  • Messages can be deleted but can be viewed by staff after deletion.
  • If a user is kicked, they'll need the invite to get back in.

With that, I encourage the users here to join the server. While change can be a little odd at first, one can become used to it. This change is good for the wiki as a whole, and a wise person once said "Change is only good when it makes things better", so I believe this change is a good change.

Discord Channel

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