Hostile Takeover is a fan-made mini game created by Jim Logan, it can be played on either Single or Multiplayer, this mini game involves the player first killing someone to get a bounty, then to get to an appropriate hiding spot and shoot down every person in town, either police, bandits or normal people. It is recommended to do this in Armadillo/Theive's Landing/ MacFarlane's Ranch, as each town have great cover places. It is NOT recommended to do this in Blackwater as this town has few decent hiding places and there are many police.


  • Have many powerful guns and as much ammo as possible

Tips and Tricks

  • If one is playing as "the good guy" one should use the Banadna to prevent loss of Honor
  • Use the Cowboy Outfit/Bollder Twins outfit rather then the Duster Coat/Legend of the West/ outfit as it could give away your position.
  • If one has low ammo, the Police could easily overwhlem you.
  • Keep a well supplied stock of items that can keep your Dead Eye Meter up and running as Dead Eye is crutial in this mini game.
  • It is recommended to do this as John as Jack shouts more and can give away his position in a fight.
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