Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very FIRST Livewire Logan video game review, which is RED DEAD REDEMPTION! This game, was probably the SECOND open world game I played on my PS3, and maybe the 15th game overall I ever played on the PS3. Now first, this game is great, I highly recommend it. The voice acting is great, the story is awesome, the variety of enemies, although short, have a lot of banter with Marston. The variety of weapons, unlockable and DLC is great, such as the Explosive Rifle. The costumes that are unlockable and the DLC ones are just epic, my favorite outfit ever, is the Deadly Assassin outfit. The main character John Marston, is by-far my favorite Rockstar-branded protagonist, and he reminds me of John Wayne or the guy from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly". The story, as I said before is near flawless, as you explore the Rockstars Old West, Texas and Mexico, in a HUGE amount of land to cover. However, at the end, after John dies, you take the role of Jack Marston, which, in my honest opinion just felt really rushed, and really boring, I mean, you just kill Edgar Ross, which mind you was satisfying as HELL, but after you kill Ross, you STILL play as Jack, and Jack, just didn't appeal to me as a character. He didn't have much personality, his voice was just, off, and again, it just felt rushed. I would have been more happy if Rockstar went all InFamous, and allowed us to continue playing as John instead. Now the mini games, and the things you can do even after you are done with teh storyline missions are epic, like the Side Missions, a lot are fun while some are pretty boring. But what I love to do is the Bounty Hunter targets, just picking off his buddies before capturing him and bringing him back to a Jail. The weapons are cool, I personally enjoy the Explosive Rifle and the Mauser Pistol. What REALLY got me into this game is the Old West setting, because, like my father love old west movies and the genere in general, and the setting, and the feeling of a major change was just so fun to play with.Lastly, the costumes, although there arent that many to have fun with, the ones you have are either humors or real serious, my personal favorite is the Deadly Assassin or the Duster coat. Now, my only real gripes with this game was that, the lack of actual diffrent enemies, it was either on foot or on a horse and had diffrent guns, and the other one was again with Jack Marston. Other then that, this game was literly FLAWLESS. This game gets an 8 out of 10 a badass seal of approval.

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