Challenges Guide:

Q: What are challenges good for?

A: Getting Arthur’s Bars from 80% to 90% to 100%.

Health Bar - 80% to 100%

Complete Sharpshooter, Horsemanship, OR Weapons Expert

Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipment

Health Bar increased to 90%

Complete Sharpshooter, AND Horsemanship, AND Weapons Expert

Buy all 3 sets of reinforced equipment

Health Ring increased to 100%

Stamina Bar - 80% to 100%

Complete Gambler, Bandit, OR Master Hunter

Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipment

Stamina Bar increased to 90%

Complete Gambler, AND Bandit, AND Master Hunter

Buy all 3 sets of reinforced equipment

Stamina Ring increased to 100%

Dead Eye Bar - 80% to 100%

Complete Survivalist, Explorer, OR Herbalist

Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipment

Dead Eye Bar increased to 90%

Complete Survivalist, AND Explorer, AND Herbalist

Buy all 3 sets of reinforced equipment

Dead Eye Bar increased to 100%

Complete all 9 Challenges (in Epilog)

Buy the Legend of the East outfit.

Protects you from all weather

Reduces weapon deterioration 10%       

Reduces core drain by 10%

Increases looting cash 10%

Reduces melee damage 10%

Reduces damage on horseback 10%

5 seconds more Eagle Eye

In RDR2 that makes you SUPERMAN!

You should wear 3 gold Cores with 3 gold Bars on your chest!

  1. 1

Gambler Challenge

Start Chap 2 / Finish Chap 2

Poker x5

Blackjack x5 Double Down

Five Finger Filet - classic seems easiest

Learn pattern from watching other player.

Valentine plays classic.

Poker bust out one at all 3 locations

Bluff. Bluff. Bluff.

Dominoes win 3 rounds without drawing against 1-2 players

Several types of domino games are available in game.

Camp is good choice, plays random type.

Block (no drawing) seems easiest for this one.

Leave after every time you draw.

Blackjack beat the dealer at both locations

Five Finger Filet in 3 locations

Classic, Guts, Burnout

Blackjack draw 3 and win

Take first dealt position.

Try for 5 on every hand.

Leave as soon as you bust.

Rejoin/Buy In game before more cards are dealt.

Dominoes win 3 matches in a row

Block Dominoes - low scoring, too slow

Fives Only - highest scoring

Leave before you lose a game.

Emerald Ranch is OK

Try to get just one other player.

Poker win 3 hands in a row

Bluff, bluff, bluff

Flatneck Station often has fewer players

Can you leave before you lose? Won’t be necessary!

  1. 2

Survivalist Challenge

Start in Chap 2 “Fisher of Men” / Finish in Chap 2  - get fishing pole

Catch 3 Bluegill

Cheese bait - almost anywhere

Give 5 animals to Pearson or Trapper

Fish or anything

Kill 5 animals with varmint rifle         

Birds or anything

Craft all 5 arrows types

Pamphlets all available at fence.

Catch a fish in a bayou boat

Boat at Lakay Camp

Don’t catch the Legendary Gar yet.

Catch a fish from RR tracks

Bridge at St Denis

Don’t catch Legendary Sturgeon yet.

Kill 5 scavengers on carcasses

Ravens at Heartland Overflow

8 consecutive Small Game Arrow kills

Toads on a mud flat by Black Belle

Chickens in a coop

Catch 19# fish

Muskie from Van Horn Lighthouse

or Sturgeon from St Denis Bridge.

Don’t catch a Legendary Fish yet.

Catch 15 species of Fish.

Now Catch some Legendries!

At every spot fish with each of the Bobber Baits.

1. Bluegill

2. Chain Pickerel

3. Redfin Pickerel

4. Rock Bass

5. Perch

Sisiska Island

6. Legendary Bullhead Catfish

Swim your Bond Level 4 American Standardbred

from Copperhead Point to Sisika

Fortify Cores and Maximize bars with tonics.

Shore west of Macomb’s End

7. Channel Catfish

North of Annesburg – at the falls

8. Legendary Steelhead

Van Horn Lighthouse

9. Legendary Muskie

Bridge or shore west of St Denis

10. Legendary Sturgeon

Lakay Camp

11. Legendary Gar

Dock at Clemons Point

12. Smallmouth Bass

Just north of Braithwaite boathouse

13. Largemouth Bass

Dakota River directly west of Painted Sky.

14. Sockeye Salmon

Cast north from shallow place between the 2 islands.

Kamassa River

15. Northern Pike

Cast north where trail coming north from Beaver Hollow crosses the river.

  1. 3

Sharpshooter Challenge

Start Chap 2 /finish Chap 2

Kill 3 flying birds.

Kill 2 species with one Dead Eye.

Painting 2 requires gun with capacity of 2 or more.

Kill 5 flying birds from a moving train.

Frequent trains at Emerald Ranch.

Hop a train or buy a ticket and overstay.

Flat car avoids low bridge problem.

Call Horse. It will follow for a while.

Shoot a flock, then jump off.

OR Kill train crew and law will come.

Bow did not avoid detection.

Kill the crew from back to front

Drive the train till you lose the law.


Tomahawk kill at 80 feet.

Homing Tomahawk at enemy camp.

Back off to the max distance that gives red dot.

Kill 6 animals without switch/reload

6 birds with Varmint Rifle (holds 14 rounds)

660-foot kill with long scoped rifle

Rolling Block Rifle – Chap 2 “Sheep and Goats”

Use cliff overlooking Valentine Station.

From horseback back up as far as you can get a red dot.

7 Enemy Headshots in row

Find a hideout where you can see ‘em.

Fort Wallace E side has a spot with good cover.

Disarm 3 without switching/reloading

Use Split Point Ammo (most accurate).

Dead Eye causes a reload – but having no reserve bullets in your gun prevents a reload.

Don’t mount horse, fall, tonic - all cause switch or reload.

Use Pistol with no extra ammo and use Dead Eye - you can shoot, run, repeat.

(May try Repeater and Dead Eye at Fort Wallace walkway?)


Any cowboy wearing a gun can be a target for this.

Find a place where 3 are together.

Valentine livestock stall area is good.

Find 2 leaning on a fence, wait for 1 to walk by.

Put on mask and point your gun at one. 

They will all turn and face you, one will pull his gun.

Hit Dead Eye, paint 1 hand/arm, fire, Dead Eye again, paint, fire, repeat – then run.

3 hats with 1 Dead Eye

Level 2 Dead Eye will paint 3 hats, but typically headshot/kills the target.

Shotgun shells at a distance may NOT kill the painted target


At Valentine train station shoot from the elevated grassy area across the tracks.

From the NW corner of the berm

you can hit 2 hats in the back of the sheep pen

and one on the far end of the platform.

Don’t forget your mask.

Kill 3 flying birds with three scope shots

Rolling Block Rifle, High Velocity Ammo and Dead Eye

From any high place SE of Valentine

Don’t take difficult shots, wait for the easy ones

  1. 4

Weapons Experts Challenge

Start Chap 2/ Finish Chap 2

Tip: Having a bounty brings in mounted bounty hunter enemies regularly

Kill 3 enemies with a hand-held knife.

Melee controls:

L2 locks onto enemy.

X attacks, square blocks.

Stealth Kill controls:

Circle when prompted  

Kill 3 enemies in 10 seconds throwing knives.

Enemy camp works well.

Not poison knives!

Kill 3 birds of prey using Tomahawk.

Heartland Overflow.

Hawks and Ravens will scavenge.

Watch for Hawks at piles of duck carcasses.

Kill 10 enemies with shotgun and crafted ammo.

Enemy camps work well.

Trolling Van Horn works well.

Kill 5 mounted enemies with one throwing knife per enemy

Trolling Van horn works well.

Kill 4 enemies with one stick of dynamite.

Enemy camp works well.

KKK meeting is perfect.

Murfree Brood Cave worked.

Kill 4 enemies in a row with same tomahawk.

Enemy Camp worked well.

Start with full Health Core and Bar.

Repeatedly run through the camp.

Health tonic if necessary.

Kill 15 enemies using long barreled handgun.

Too Easy!

Fort Wallace.

Van Horn.

Kill 9 unaware enemies from behind with a bow.

Kill front gate guard at Shady Belle 9 times.

Sneak up the west side of the river, shoot, run, repeat.

Kill grizzly with throwing knives with no damage.

Poison knife x2 works well.

Grizzly Spawn point is a chimney (dot on the map) NW of Wallace Station.

See Grizzly Hunting Blog entry.

  1. 5

Master Hunter Challenge

Start Chap2 / Finish Chap 4 New Austin

See Hunting Tips and Techniques

Skin 3 deer.

Collect 3 perfect rabbit pelts.

Track 10 animal species.

Call to get a clean kill 5 times.

Skin 3 bears.

Kill 5 Cougars with bow.

See Cougar Hunting Blog entry.

Use bait to kill a predator and an herbivore.

Coyotes and foxes and little gators are carnivores.

Spot one, bait, shoot. Repeat.

Catch 3 fish without fishing rod.




Kill a possum playing possum.

East of Big Valley Trapper.

See Opossum Hunting log entry.

Kill Legendary Panther.

Not available till Master Hunter #9 is done.

SAVE YOUR GAME or lose pelts stowed on horse.

Hard to kill – attacks you first.

Can’t see it - attacks from cover.

May not see on minimap – or may see multiple images.

Use Eagle Eye – and Dead Eye.

Double Wield with Explosive Ammo.

Shoot ASAP till it’s down.

  1. 6

Explorer Challenge

Start Chap 2/Finish Chap 2

Jack Hall Maps.

Start West of Flatneck Station.

Start Chap 2/Finish Chap2.

2 gold bars.

Poisonous Trail Maps.

Start at Cairn Lake Lodge – Flaco Hernandez mission.

Start Chap 2/finish Chap2.

4 gold bars.

High Stakes Maps.

Start with random Stranger in Heartlands.

Listen for “ I know you’re close. I can feel you tickling my britches.”

May have to kill him.

Start Chap 2/finish Chap 2.

3 gold bars.

Le Tresor Des Morts.

Special Editions Only.

Start Chap 2/Finish Chap2.

5 gold bars.

  1. 7

Bandit Challenge

Start Chap 2 / Finish Chap 3 - “Horse Flesh…” – Horse Fence

This Challenge can trash your honor.

Use Van Horn when able – Dishonor minimal and no Bounty.

Use a Full-Face Mask‼

Works better than bandanna.

Hold up 5 townsfolk.


Rob or Steal 2 coaches.

Take Stagecoach to Van Horn.

Follow it out of town, jump on, driver will bail, break into box on back.

Be ready to pick up Regular Revolver Ammo.

Rob 4 cash registers in one day, no restored games.

Gunsmiths fight back, must be shot.

Don’t forget Fence at Van Horn can be robbed.

Rob or Steal 3 coaches in one day.

Take Stagecoach to Van Horn, etc.

Bounty $250 in one state.

Honor will take a hit.

Kill Citizens $15 bounty, Lawman $20 bounty.

Micah Mission “Blessed are the meek?” causes >$250 Bounty.

5 horses sold to Fence.

Requires Chap 3 - “Horse Flesh…” – Horse Fence.

Stealing a parked wagon is easy and gets you 2 horses!

Rob $50 from townsfolk or travelers.

Buy ticket and rob 1-2 passengers as you leave.

Repeat till $50 collected.

or Individual NPCs

Tackle and beat x1 for less resistance.

but Individual NPCs don’t carry much cash.

or Train Robbery works well and is quick.

Kill guards in front car.

Then rob passengers till the law comes.

Passengers carry cash.

Fence 7 wagons.

Stagecoach and other wagons on the road at Emerald Ranch work well.

Hogtie driver gets less dishonor than murder.

Hogtie 3 NPCs on the tracks.

You can catch and release the same guy 3 times.

Train robbery x3.

Rob a single passenger, then run.

Robbing women might get a gold jointed bracelet.

Train Robbery long version (Sound easy? Try it.)

Maybe get $300.

No bounty!

Lots of dishonor.

Save game or lose pelts on horse.

Put map marker at end of tunnel.

Have 3 gold Cores and Bars.

Miracle tonic.

Combat Arms on your back.

Miners Hat, medium weather outfit.

But a ticket to Annesburg.

Stay on train in Annesburg.

Sit in front, put on mask.

Call Horse.

At about Dover Hill advance rearward.

Kill rear guard then all guards and driver.

Stop train near end of long tunnel.

Work the whole train.

Rob everyone.

Blow both safes.

Kill and loot all.

Escape mounted or on foot forward - East.

  1. 8

Herbalist Challenge

Start Chap 2/Finish Epilog New Austin

Pick 6 Yarrow.

Pick and Eat 4 Species of Berries.

Blackberry - west of Valentine.

Wintergreen Berries  - near train tracks north of Annesburg

Craft 7 with Sage.

Not Oleander.

Feed 5 Mushrooms to horse.

Craft 9 with Indian Tobacco.

Pick 15 Species of Herbs.

Don’t pick or sell orchids yet – some don’t respawn.

Craft 5 Special Miracle Tonics.

Pamphlet on ledge South of Little Creek.

Need 30 Burdock root, 30 Current, 30 Yarrow.

Your satchel holds how many of each?

Plants take 7-10 days to respawn.

Craft 6 poison weapons with Oleander.

Pick one of each of 43 species of herb.

There is no way in game to see which herbs you collected after the challenge started.

You can see how many, not which ones are picked.

Keep a running list outside of game.

Don’t pick orchids till Herbalist 9 is started.

Once picked many will not respawn (till Chapter 3?).

Acuna’s Star and some other exotics have limited availability in Chapter 2

They fully spawn in Chap 3 “Duchesses…” Exotic Request #3

7 species available only in New Austin – Epilog.

Season and cook 11 types of meat

Exotic - pelican near tracks at Copperhead Point.

Succulent Fish - salmon and trout.

Steelhead trout straight off end of dock at Clemens Point.

Crustacean – Cuban Crab – Big island off Clemens point.

  1. 9

Horsemanship Challenge

Start Chap 2 / End Epilog New Austin

Kill 5 rabbits from horseback.

Jump over 3 obstacles.

Valentine to Rhodes Dash.

Use good horse.

Use Horse Meal

Use Horse Stimulant, if needed.

3300-foot drag.

Bounty hunter was fun.

Trample 5 animals.

Turkeys seemed easiest.

Strawberry to St Denis Dash.

Plan the route – RR tracks.

Prep the horse – Horse Meal.

Plenty of Horse Stimulant.

Kill 7 enemies without dismounting.

Van Horn.

Kill 9 predators from horseback.

Coyotes, Hawks, Alligators.

Van Horn to Blackwater Dry Dash.

Available Epilog 1.

Use a horse with Speed rating 9

Make a practice run to learn route.

Leave Van Horn and come back in (to set the clock).

Use a Horse Meal.

Plan an efficient route.

Start south side of Van Horn.

Don’t have to stay on the trail.

Avoid congested Butcher Creek and Strawberry.

Don’ get off the horse. Or fall.

Break every wild horse breed.

Break Technique:

Lasso not needed but can be used.

Call, Calm, (Pat), Mount.

Hold Back on Left Stick.

Maybe pump it left and right 7-5-7-5-7….

Pump Square button.


Equipment Sets were acquired in this order:

Gambler Reinforced Equipment Set (available after you have the Satchel of the East) gave visible Stamina Bar a new grey notch from 80% to 90%, but Player Stats still showed Stamina Max at 8/8.

Bathing brought visible Stamina Bar to true 90%, Max now 8/8 plus 1/2 Bonus Stamina

Survivalist Reinforced Equipment Set (available after “Fishers of Men” fishing rod ) gave visible Dead Eye Bar a new grey notch from 80% to 90%, but Player Stats still showed Dead Eye Max 8/8.  Chewing Tobacco may have brought Dead Eye Bar to true 90%. Max now 8/8 plus 1/2 Bonus Dead Eye

Sharpshooter Reinforced Equipment Set (available after “The Sheep and The Goats“ long scope Rolling Block Rifle) gave visible Health Bar a new grey notch from 80% to 90%, but Player Stats still showed Health Max 8/8. I’m not sure what brought Health Bar to true 90%. Max now 8/8 plus 1/2 Bonus Health

Weapons Expert Reinforced Equipment (available after “The Sheep and The Goats“) made no visible change in Health, Stamina, or Dead Eye or in Player Stats.

Master Hunter Reinforced Equipment (available anytime after you have the Satchel of the East) made no visible change in Health, Stamina, or Dead Eye or in Player Stats.

Explorer Reinforced Equipment (available after “The Sheep and The Goats”) made no visible change in Health, Stamina, or Dead Eye or in Player Stats.

Bandit Reinforced Equipment (available after John mission “Horseflesh …”) gave visible Stamina Bar a new grey notch from 90% to 100%, but Player Stats still showed Health Max 8/8. I’m not sure what eventually brought Stamina Bar to true 100%. Max now 8/8 plus 2/2 Bonus Health

Herbalist Reinforced Equipment (available in Epilog 1) gave Dead Eye Bar a new grey botch from 90% to100%. It came up to full 100% with Chewing Tobacco. Max now 8/8 plus 2/2 Bonus Dead Eye.

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