After each chore you don’t want to repeat.

Before each mission you might want to try again.         

Autosave is made every time you sleep or die.

Autosave is copied over every time you get DEAD.


Do Collections/Camp Requests /Points of Interest/Easter Eggs as able

(They do not increase Health/Stamina/Dead Eye.)

Some needed for Trinkets/Talismans/Ancient Arrowhead

Camp Companion Requests

(They do not increase Health/Stamina/Dead Eye.)

Triggered by talking with people in camp.

Camp Poker with Pearson triggers a request.

Camp Dominos with Tilly triggers a request.

Expose game map as able

Riding does this better than stagecoach, train, fast travel.

READ Documents as you get them – don’t just stash them.

Many clues are in them, and

Recipes are not available till you READ the pamphlet.

Treasure may not be available till you READ the map.

Legendary Fish/Animals aren’t available till you READ the maps.

Chimneys and some other objects don’t flash in Eagle Eye

but may have loot in them.

When you get close the “Search” command will be offered.

Chests and other objects may flash in Eagle Eye

But can be unreachable or unopenable.

Matches laid out in an arrow shape point to something you can find.

Avoid doing Main/Yellow missions until all side missions are done.

Companion Mission opportunities may be lost.



Finding Stuff – Keeping Track

Interactive Map at is very helpful.

Upgrade to the ProTracker for $2. It worth it.


Pull gun.

L1 – left bumper/shoulder.

Pulls the gun selected on the weapon wheel.

If none is selected, pulls the 1 o’clock position sidearm.

Holster gun.

L1 again

Holster Flourish – spin the sidearm into the holster.

L1 Double-Tap.

Standing, not on a horse

Arthur can do it – so can John.


L2 – left trigger.


R2 – right trigger.



Warning Shot in the air.

Aim - Hold L2.

Tap D-pad up.

Fire - R2.

Combat Roll.

Aim - L2.

Tap Square.

Fanning the gun (Does it work with long gun?).

Rapidly tap R2 while not aiming.

You’ll be lucky to hit anything.

Slit-Point Ammo.

Most accurate in sidearm (What??)

Extends Dead Eye time (No one knows this!)

Companion Activities – Time Sensitive

They appear only while you are in camp.

They are missable. They disappear if not done promptly.

One has a critical Crafting Recipe.

Some have companion Item requests.

One gives a Legendary Fish.

Need one per chapter for trophy Friends with Benefits.

Chapter 2

Random - Poker

Random - Dominoes

Tilly - Dominoes

Lenny – Five Finger Fillet

Javier – Robbery in Valentine

Charles – Hunt Bison

Chapter 3

Sean – Homestead Robbery

Sean – Stagecoach Robbery

Bill – Stagecoach Robbery

Kieran – Fishing

Javier – Fishing

Chapter 4

Pearson – Hunting

Lenny – Stagecoach

Uncle – Rustling

Micah – Stagecoach Robbery

Charles – Bank Robbery (DLC Special Edition only)

Stranger Missions

Do Stranger Missions when able, most are quite good for Honor.

You need 10 of these 26 Stranger Missions for the trophy “Western Stranger”.

Chapter 2

The Noblest of Men, and a Woman – Location: Valentine

First pistol

First Alligators

All That Glitters – Location: West of Flatneck Station

Starts the Jack Hall gang treasure quest.

The Smell of the Grease Paint – Location: Van Horn Trading Post

Arcadia for Amateurs – Location: In the Wilderness SE of Strawberry

Fundraiser – Location: Saint Denis

Only available until Chapter 6

Brief street encounter – not really a mission.

American Dreams – Find torn map at 3 Murder Scenes to unlock the mission.

A Fine Night For It – Location: Bayou area, north of Saint Denis.

Must first have a chance encounter with the “Night Folk” in the Bayou.

Look for a blip on the mini-map, around Lagras Lake, at night.

Geology for Beginners – Location: In the Wilderness, NW of Strawberry

Find all the rock carvings

Get Old Brass Compass in Sinclair’s house.

Needed for Raven’s Claw Talisman

A Test of Faith – Location: North East of Flatneck Station

Find all the dinosaur bones

First bone mailed in gets a Quartz chunk

Needed for Bear Claw Talisman

Smoking and other Hobbies – Location: Flatneck Station

Find all the cigarette cards

First set of cigarette cards mailed in gets Vintage Civil War Handcuffs

Needed for Alligator Tooth Talisman

Chapter 3

He’s British, of Course – In the Wilderness, south of Emerald Ranch.

Get Lions Paw

Needed for Lion’s Paw Trinket

A Fisher of Fish – fishing hut at the northern shore of Flat Iron Lake.

Legendary Fish

The Iniquities of History – Rhodes

No Good Deed – Rhodes

Chapter 4

Oh, Brother – Valentine

A Bright Bouncing Boy – Saint Denis

Visit Doverhill at night

The Mercies of Knowledge – Saint Denis

The Artist’s Way – Saint Denis

The Ties That Bind Us – Rhodes

Mr Black and Mr White

Can’t pick up the posters?

Glitch/Bug requires save and reboot.

Help a Brother Out – Saint Denis

Available only in Chapter 4

Duchesses and other Animals - Saint Denis

Many orchids do not spawn till you have the list in hand.

Idealism and Pragmatism for Beginners – Saint Denis

Chapter 5

Edith Downes mission - Do Not Seek Absolution parts I and II – Annesburg

Honor mission – just do it.

The Wisdom of the Elders – West of Van Horn Trading Post

The Widow of Willard’s Rest – NE edge of the map

Only available until Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The Veteran – way north of Emerald Ranch, SW of “O’Creagh’s Run”

Buell, the horse, cannot be sold and may take up stable space forever. (Kill him? Don’t ever stable him?)

Epilog 1

The American Inferno, Burnt Out – West of Blackwater


Orchids in the satchel after Algernon’s Lists are finished can be sold/mailed to a collector.

Find a poster near Post Office at Horn Post, Rhodes, St Denis, Annesburg to activate this.

Orchids pass to John – but are worthless.

But selling to the collector is no longer available.

Passing stuff on to John

Consider buying and holding stuff to pass on to John.

Valerian Root, Aged Pirate Rum, Valerian Root will pass

and will be needed.

Other Tonics won’t pass.

Crafted Ammo will pass

except Pistol/Revolver Explosive Ammo.

Plumes will pass.

Other Materials will not pass.

Documents, Valuables, Kit will pass, except

Gold Bars and Nuggets will not pass.

Clothing will pass

Including Reinforced Equipment

Cash will not pass.

Orchids will pass, but

if exotics missions are complete, they can’t be sold by mail.

Poster request is no longer available.

(Next time maybe wait till Epilog to Find the Poster???)

Provisions, Ingredients will not pass.

Horses will not pass. (ByeBye Buell)

Carcasses will not pass.


Crafting Materials Needed for Fence

Quartz Chunk for Bear Claw Talisman

Reward for first Dinosaur Bone Location

Silver Chain Bracelet for Bear Claw Talisman

Random location - try Aberdeen Pig Farm or Watsons Cabin

Gold Earring for Boar Tusk Talisman

Random location - try

Watsons Cabin,

Aberdeen Pig Farm, or

Lakay Camp in a drawer in south house, or

Cattle farm near Mattocks Pond north of Rhodes, or

House at Hagen Orchards

Rob women on the train until you get one.

Treasure Maps/Missions

See Arthur the Superman Mission 12

for Explorer Challenge missions

Chick’s Map “Money Lending …”

Does not count for Explorer Challenge

Torn Maps

Hermit North of Annesburg

Hermit at Origin of Little Creek

Does not count for Explorer Challenge

Finish requires Armadillo Rattlesnake Hollow

not available till Epilog

American Dreams (this is a Stranger Mission)

Find torn map at 3 Murder Scenes to unlock the mission.

Does not count for Explorer Challenge

Sketched Map - Reed Cottage

1 gold ingot

Does not count for Explorer Challenge

Elemental Treasure

Available only in Epilog

“It Art!” Trophy

Visit the taxidermist – get the Squirrel Statue.

Place statue on mantlepiece.

Find it and replace it 6 times.

House – 4 times

Barn – 2 times

Mount Shann – at UFO site

“Bountiful” Trophy

Survive 3 days with $250 bounty in all 5 states

Honor will take a severe hit

Not till after Extreme Personality Trophy

New Austin (Blackwater)

Chap 1-6 have pre-existing bounty

Epilogs don’t require a bounty in New Austin – glitch!

Ambarino has no towns – do first

Attract and kill lawmen

Shoot at Fort Wallace

Rob train

Stow body on horse, get reported

West Elizabeth, Lemoine, New Hanover

Attract and kill lawmen

Shoot up a town

Hole up at camp, in a hotel, or at a campsite

Sleep, play poker, don’t go out for 3 days

Guarma Animals

Snake Spawn Points

4 o’clock on the yellow circle around the Question Mark mission

Middle of the base of the E in DE LA

  West side of cane field

Bird Spawn Points

Rocks in the river and waterfall

In the air above the cane field east of the shack by the river with 2 guards in front.

Solar and Lunar Time

Shadows appropriately follow position of Sun and Moon.

Sun moves left to right across the south.

Moon moves right to left across the north.

Dawn 5AM birds come out.

Sunrise/Moonset 6AM Sun directly in the East – fully above horizon at 6:15AM.

Sun moves 90° across the southeastern sky in 6 hours.

Noon 12PM – Sun is directly in the south.

Sun moves 15° per hour across the southern sky.

Sunset about 8PM

Dusk about 7:30PM

Moonrise - directly in the east.

Moon moves 15° per hour across the northern sky.

Midnight 12AM Moon is directly in the north.

Moon moves 90° across the northwestern sky in 6 hours.


Q: Is it possible to Glitch into New Austin and finish all the Challenges in Chap 2?

A: Not anymore, but we used to be able to …

Try this:

Use Bank Robbery Glitch

(Bank Robbery Glitch was fixed on an Update)

So, Reinstall RDR2 from disks - and don’t allow any Updates

Restore your game

Do the Glitch – Get the 7 missing herbs and whatever else is wanted

Then Update

Q: Can we Glitch to Guarma?

A: Yes. Use the Pass Out Drunk Glitch

But not needed, No unique herbs in Guarma

Q: Can we glitch into a locked buildibg?

A: Yes. I don’t think this has been patched yet.

Third Person view through the distant camera.

Sidearm in one hand, Lantern in the other.

Push up against a door that might open under different conditions.

When head goes partly through the door, switch to First Person view.

Repeat till you find yourself inside the structure.


Ancient Arrowhead disappears.

No fix found.

All ammo except regular for a gun becomes unavailable.

Save and reload.

All your long guns stay on your horse every time you dismount.

Achieving Level 4 bonding with the horse seems to help.

One track of soundtrack stops playing. Can’t hear gunshots or trains. Can’t hear whistles.

(Good way to get your horse killed.)

Save and reload.

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