In the R* Games Social Club, R* has posted some "Quick Tips" for Red Dead Redemption gamers. Reading through it, I pretty much knew everything from playing through the game myself (Except for ammo in chests AND armoires of your safehouses. Since when?!?!). One thing that did catch my eye was the promise of "some particularly hard levels" coming our way soon. They say details to follow in a few days or so, so I guess we'll have to wait. I would be thinking this might be the Outlaws To The End Co-Op DLC if the next post didn't mention that it wouldn't be releasing until the end of the month. So, that means a DIFFERENT set of "particularly hard levels". Yay!

Here's the link: Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption Quick Tips

On another note, R* has announced a Red Dead Redemption Title Update (TU) for both consoles that they hope to be out by the end of next week. As a token of their appreciation to players that are playing through the release bugs/glitches, Rockstar will be releasing the Expert Hunter and Savvy Merchant outfits later this summer for free, along with their respective scrap-collection challenges. These would be the same outfits that were in GameStop and Rockstar's Red Dead Referendum poll that decided the pre-order outfit at GameStop (which ended up being the Deadly Assassin Outfit).

Here's the link: Red Dead Redemption Title Update Coming Next Week

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