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  • I live in Denmark
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  • Kitchi Machk

    "The many miles we walked
    The many things we learned
    The building of a shrine
    Only just to burn

    May the wind be at your back
    Good fortune touch your hand
    May the cards lay out a straight
    All from your command

    That's the way it is
    That's the way it is"

    While it may not come as a huge surprise to anyone, it is with a heavy heart that I hereby announce my resignation. It has been one hell of a ride since I joined this wonderful community late last year which involved plenty of exciting tasks, caring people and interesting opportunities, in short, an experience I'll never forget nor regret. However, like so many before me, my journey has come to an end and it is time to ride into the sunset, at least for the time being.

    Last but not least, I want to expr…

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  • Kitchi Machk

    The wild west was a harsh and unforgiving place where gunslingers and outlaws alike went from being actual individuals to become myths and legends – the number of people whom got the opportunity to outlive their legend along with telling their own tale was scarce, and the history of the Red Dead Wiki itself is no different. There has been an unthinkable amount of users on the Wikia throughout the ages, not to mention moderators, owners and staff members in general. However, most of them have ventured to greener pastures for one reason or another.

    Someone who gained prominence for, what seems like a lifetime ago, is our beloved administrator Ilan or Raziel Reaper (Raz) as he is more commonly known these days. After having joined the Red Dead…

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