As my last blog post was me adopting this wiki, my final one is me leaving the wiki.

As has been the obvious case, my activity on the wiki is far too low to warrant being a staff member, let alone one of just two Bureaucrats.

Because of this, I am stepping down as B'crat of Red Dead Wiki.

After starting work over a year ago my activity on Wikia in general fell like a bombshell. First I left my beloved GTA Wiki and now here. I had hoped the release of RDR2 would get me back but I love the game so much I spend more time playing it than writing about it.

Staying active here is an unrealistic goal now.

To all the staff, it's been great working alongside you all. I adopted the wiki with the aim of getting it back up and ship-shape in time for RDR2 and everyone's commitment to the cause has been unreal. I would never have imagined the wiki looking this good.

Thank you to all my friends on this wiki and beyond. I'm sure we'll speak again.


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