A'ight a'ight, folks. So I was following up a lead for a possible sequel to L.A Noire, when I came across a website detailing plans for a new game set to be released by the same designer (Brendan McNamara). Apparently, this game is to be titled "The Whore of the Orient" and will cover "one of the great untold stories of the 20th century." Upon further digging, I discovered that "Whore of the Orient" was in fact the historical nickname given to the city of Shanghai during the Imperial era, due to the large amount of crime and undesirable activities taking place there.

So what have we to expect? A game set in China from the same people who produced a cutting edge film noire style game? I think it would be kick ass to have something of the same type as LA Noire (with some new additions to extend playability) set in early 20th century Asia. The amount of possibilites here are endless as to what could be done with a scenario like that. Are we going to be wrapped up in violent political turmoil, perhaps playing a part in the historic rebellion against the Qing Dynasty? Or will we be busting open opium dens and fighting it out in brutal combat with Triad gangsters?

Personally, I'm pretty stoked about the hints of this game coming out. Only one thing holds me back:

If they make a game set in Asia, and you play as a white guy, I'm gonna bust some f*ckin heads!

For more information, here is one of the articles I read while looking this up:

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