so i was doing the missing persons on undeadnightmare alright? i got to... benidict point i think ? anyway i rode up on pestalince you know... just a normal everyday thing. and its like a gatling gun gos off, the screan gos readish like it dose when your being attacked, and for the first time in the game... period, two crows fly out. i dead eyed one of them and nearly the other but the hord was rite up my ass, threw me off my horse and i just ran to where i thought it landed and couldn't find it, so i just decided i'd go over and stand with the woman and kill the rest of the hord and go check it out... it wasn't that long, maybe minute and half at the most and could find it. searhed everywhere in the area for maybe ten minutes. anyone had this same issue, or occure on them while doing this? or even just casualy in game play? i looked up the crows on every site i could find, and nothing about crows being on udn. you know the only flying things are bats in udn gameplay, and i've never played online, haven't downloaded anything. jsut wondering wth happend haha. if anyone has anything about it it'd be much obliged! thanks ~~ astin

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