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  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on April 30
  • My occupation is Supreme Commander of the PeeGs
  • I am Neither.
  • Peter Griffen Boy

    I found this website, that hands out free points for referrals, could osmeone click dat link and sign up, so I can see if it is legit or not?

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    I was thinking of having a side game to Redemption, for about thirty dollars or two thousand four hundred Microsoft points, being put into four chapters, each one being seven dollars or fifty cents or six hundred Microsoft points. Each pack comes with three missions and a new weapon. Buying two packs will unlock a code to play as John Marston instead of Jack and buying all four will give you the ability to buy a bonus fith pack for three hundred points.

    A cut scene shows Jack Marston being killed, and Ross walking away. It then shows Ross and Archer going back to their car and quickly driving away. It then flashes to Jack's funeral, where a few of his friends showing up. Ross is seen raiding the funeral.

    You take control of Jack, who goes to…

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    Okay, first of all this has not been confirmed and is just an idea. There are spoliers in here.

    Jack meets the stranger from the I Know You quest, who tells Jack Archer Fordham's wife has been sighted near Tall Trees, he tells Jack that he may get information from her, using violence or doing tasks for her on where Archer is for revenge on killing his father. Jack tracks Archer's wife down, where he either threatens to kill her or helps her by picking flowers. She tells him Archer is located deep into Mexico, but that is all she knows.

    Jack travels to Mexico, where a gang he meets captures a small Native American village to rape their women. Jack tries to stop them and kills most of them before being shot in the leg and knocked out, his hors…

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    Do to unacceptable stupidity from Rockstar and arrogance from users (who strangly are mostly annons or people with a low edit count) as shown here:,_cheating_and_bullying.

    I will be writing a guide to how to escape people who wish to fight

    A=X Y=Δ B=O X=◘

    1. Find them.

    2. Press LT.

    3. Quickly hit up on your thumbstick

    4. Quickly hit RT

    5. Repeat until they're dead

    6. Press up on your D-pad.

    7. Wait a few seconds

    8. Press Y

    9. Spam A.

    10. Wait a few seconds

    11. Spam A

    12. Repeat until fighter leaves you alone

    13. If this falis, hit back

    14. Go down until desired gamemode

    15. Go to a new game.

    16. If this fails, stop complaining and start a damned private match.

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  • Peter Griffen Boy

    What could any ideas be? I am having trouble of thinking of a game that takes place after Redemption. I could only think of Jack avengeing his father by hunting down the survivors of those who killed his father, but since it's up to a choice who the player killed, in some games Archer lived and in some other died. In some the Captain died and others he lived, so that would be hard to do, unless they want to make one side the canon version, but it most likely be a spiritual succesor, not a sequel.

    Another thing, it would most take place afer Revolver, but before Redemption. But who else would think an LIVE arcade and whatever PSN people have, where half of it playing as John as an outlaw, and the second part is Jack chasing down Archer for h…

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