I started editing this wiki on November 5th 2018, and at the time of this post I have accumulated 844 edits. Not a massive amount, but more than many others. A few weeks later on November 22nd I Made a request for patroller, which was accepted, and on January 8th I requesteed and received the game of Content Moderator. 

Unfortunately, since receiving the rank of Content Moderator I have stopped playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and have begun to forget many of the games mechanics and plot. To make up for this, I began removing categories in mass and reporting trolls, but I have slowly tired of this tedious work. My activity has collapsed, and as I have been known to advise inactive staff members to resign, I feel that I should do what I have encouraged others to do. I do, however, have a few good byes to make.

Raziel: Since coming to this wiki you have been nothing but a mentor to me. You have helped me to improve my writing style and overall have been nothing but an encouragement. 

Brave Bear: You have been my best friend on this wiki for awhile, with us gaining staff just a few days apart. Although you have gone inactive recently, I will always remember the work we di​​​​​d together. 

Wagwan: Although you are fairly new to the staff team, having gained staff less than 4 months ago, we have done some great work together. In my last large spurt of activity we dealt with trolls, removed many categories (that was hell), and helped moderate the discussions section along with Raziel for a few weeks. It makes me feel better to resign knowing that you will be here to help Raz and now Roosevelt in keeping this wiki together. 

Linus: Although we have had some arguments in the past, you are a very talented editor with a knack for CSS and Wikitext that I never had the patience to master. 

Kerbert: We didn’t really work with each other very much, but you spearheaded the change in discussions which allowed off topic posts, something which greatly improved the discussions as a whole. We also worked together to help clear out spam in staff-channel so that we could actually see what important matters we had to deal with. 

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