Since my friend, CDC Member, had grammar problems I revised his novel, Red Dead Redemption: The Fume, for him so that it would have correct grammar. I addded my own personal flavor to it and changed it up a bit though. I will post a version that will have his original plot later. If you want to read the original version you may do so. I hope you enjoy my version, but I have to say that CDC Member's version is really creative and I enjoyed it. I'd recommend reading his version first. It was so much better than my revision.

Red Dead Redemption: The Fume

Red Dead Redemption: The Fume is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western horror novel by Eduardo Berroa. It has elements and characters from the game Red Dead Redemption. It is the story of John Marston trying to save his family and friends from an unknown dark-purple fume that is spreading across the Old West infecting people and animals and turning them into lunatics.

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Chapter 1: Birth of a New Hell

The ominuous black and red sky predicted the soon to come horrors in the Old American West. The good people of America thought every last one of the lunatics and maniacs like the murderers and thieves in the country were at the worst they could possibly get. They are in for a big suprise. This is the tale of the West at it's wildest with lunatics far worse than any person has ever encountered in the history of man. In the deserts of New Austin at the military factory known as the Eagle Poisons and Ammunition Institution a scientist, physician, and surgeon named Harold Grishom, lied dead on the ground at the feet of General Fred Carter. Carter held his Colt M1911 pistol in his hands tightly, with smoke rising from the barrel. A dangerous dark purple gas had been released and was spreaing to many areas in the state of New Austin, causing animals and humans alike to become extremely homicidal and act irrationally. Carter shook his head. He deserted the institution while putting on a gas mask. It was late in the year of 1911. A bounty hunter, John Marston, returned to his camp in Cholla Springs and discovered that his friend, Uncle, went missing. He tore ass to Armadillo to speak with his old friend, Marshal Leigh Johnson. Marston approached Johnson's small office in Armadillo and bursted through the door. Marshal Johnson, who had just belted on his two Remington Model 1875 revolvers, turned his full attention to his office door which suddenly became ajar.

"Damn glad to see ya John," the Marshal said. "Yer lookin' for yer friend Uncle I reckon." John became confused. "How on God's Green Earth did you know?" he questioned. "He was here in Armadillo a few hours back," Johnson replied. "He made the foolish mistake of trying to bust Mitchelle de Colon for cheating at cards. Uncle swore at him and drew his gun. Mitchelle, who practices quickdraw quite often, hauled his out even faster and disarmed Uncle before kidnapping him, a group of saloon girls, some deputies, Jeb Murphy, and a crazy old hag by the name of Alma Horlick. Herbert Moon managed to nick him in the leg with a Winchester while he was riding out of town with his gang and their prisoners. They opened fire on him but failed to kill him. Moon paralelled them for three miles and saw them go into Coot's Chapel. Rumor has it that Mr. de Colon and his gang have been using it as a hideout." The Marshal showed John a wanted poster pinned to the wall. "That's Mitchelle himself," Johnson said. "He is easy to identify. He has a neatly trimmed moustache, smooth hair, he wears a black wide brimmed Stetson with a gambler's style hat band, an American Navy uniform with various medals, and a dual holstered quickdraw gunbelt with a decorated Colt Single Action Army revolver. He has alot of skill with a .45 and is considered dangerous by many folks in this town. I need you to help me go after him and bring him to justice." "I'll help you," John said. "That son of a bitch kidnapped Uncle and I ain't gonna let him get away with it. Uncle may not be kin to me by blood but he is still family. He earned it long ago and no one messes with my family!"

Bounty Hunter John and Marshal Johnson mounted up and rode out of town with Jonah and Eli, who they had to pull off of some whores in the saloon, and headed to Coot's Chapel. They arrived and found Herbert Moon inspecting a dead body. "Mr. Moon!" John yelled. "What is it?" Moon shook his head. "It's Old Lady Horlick," Moon sighed. "Those animals butchered her." The corpse had hardly a face left, it's guts were strung out all over the ground like garland on a christmas tree, it's eyes were gouged out and every one of it's phalanges were severed. The blood curdling screams of innocent souls flowed from the church and into the ears of the sickened law enforcement team. "Okay," Marshal Johnson whispered to the group. "We're gonna get in there and shoot the sons of bitches to the ground if they so much as fire one shot........." The Marshal was interrupted by John's cry of, "Holy Christ in heaven." The Marshal looked as he saw Mitchelle de Colon with Uncle on his knees, digging his own grave. There was a noose on the tree nearest to them. He was going to lynch Uncle. John wouldn't stand for this. John drew his rifle from it's scabbard on his back and blazed away, instantly attracting Mitchelle's attention. Uncle swiftly swung the shovel he held and struck the mad man over the head with incredible force, knocking the stupid out of Mitchelle de Colon. Uncle ran to John as quickly as his legs could move. The Marshal drew one of his revolvers and handed it to Uncle. Uncle stuck the pearl-handled Remington in his pocket and took a bandolier full of .45 Long Colt shells for it that the Marshal had taken from his saddlebags. "Uncle!" John exlaimed. "Find and take cover." Uncle ran back into the graveyard, kicking the unconcious body of Mitchelle de Colon into the grave that was intended for him. John, Marshal Johnson, and Herbert Moon followed while Jonah and Eli snuck around to the back. Marshal Johnson, holding his revolver in his right hand and a W. Richards 10 gauge in his left, was the first to enter the church. The citizens were being held there by Mitchelle's gang. Johnson fired both barrels of his scattergun killing three of the five men in the gang. He chucked the scattergun at the other two and then fanned his revolver to kill the last two. Johnson laughed. "How d'ya like them apples ya sons a bitches!" he shouted triumphantly. One man hit the ground dead while the other was only grazed across the neck. Johnson lifted his thumb to cock the gun. Before he could touch the hammer, a pistol went off behind him and the pearl-handled revolver was blasted out of his right hand. He turned and behind him was Mitchelle de Colon holding his Colt .45 on Johnson with smoke rising from the barrel. "How's yer head ya stupid son of a bitch?" Johnson asked him sarcastically. Mitchelle thumbed the hammer back on his gun. John and Uncle ran in with their guns drawn. "Stay back!" Mitchelle hollered. "Unless you want the dear ole Marshal's brains splattered all over the wall." John and Uncle holstered their revolvers and stood with their hands up. Mitchelle looked Johnson in the eyes. "Goodbye Marshal," he spat. He squeezed the trigger. Nothing was fired. Mitchelle suddenly realized the gun had malfuntioned. Johnson, as quick as lighting, dove for his Remington which layed on the floor. Mitchelle darted to the gun and somehow beat Johnson to it. Cocking the gun, Mitchelle took careful aim. John sprang into action. He quickly grabbed Mitchelle's gun-arm and jerked the gun out of his hand. John handed the gun to Marshal Johnson, and then he began to beat Mitchelle to a pulp. Mitchelle fought like a mountain lion, but he was no match for John Marston. Mitchelle gave up and layed on the ground promising to surrender. As John turned his back, Mitchelle reached inside of his coat and fetched out a Smith & Wesson 32 Safety Hammerless. John heard the gun being drawn and turned to face Mitchelle, tearing a wooden cross from the wall. He swung the cross and felt the cross hit Mitchelle before he saw it happen. Mitchelle's gun went off in the air and he hit the ground. The cross broke when it hit him in the neck, but it broke his neck in the process and filled it full of splinters. Mitchelle de Colon was finally dead. "Damn you John," Johnson said half jokingly with a grin on his face. "Why do you keep doin' my job?" John cracked a little bit of a smile. "Very funny Marshal," he replied. "What were you even doing down here in Cholla Springs?" The Marshal asked John. "I was bringing a herd of cattle down to Plainview for the oil miners there," John answered. "Uncle saw some men following us and thought they was rustlers and stayed behind to guard the camp while I finished the drive. I came back and he was gone.

"I reckon we'll be headin' back to Beecher's Hope now. I've got to keep my son, my wife, this drunken old bastard here, and a big herd of livestock in line. I'll see ya 'round Marshal." Johnson nodded. "I'll bury Mister de Colon here before I get back to Armadillo," Johnson stated. "So long John." The man who was winged in the gunfight was shocked as he had never been shot before. Johnson tied him up and put him on the back of his apaloosa. Uncle returned Johnson's second Remington to him and took his own gun and rig from the pulpit. Marshal Johnson burried Mitchelle in the grave that was meant for Uncle and put a marker there with the words "Shitass de Colon" on it before urinating on the grave. "Sorry Mr. de Colon," he laughed. "But I ain't got me no flowers to put on yer grave." He finished urinating and then took off his hat. "Here lies a stupid bastard. He was a no good son of a bitch and is remembered and hated by us. I reckon by nightfall the worms will have ate yer balls off and the snakes will have made nests in yer skeleton and the bugs will have eaten yer eyes out. May you rot in hell. Earth to Earth, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, and Piss to Piss." John and Uncle started their long journey back home while Marshal Johnson, Jonah, Eli, and Herbert Moon went on with their little "funeral."

John and Uncle returned home after a few days. John noticed his son John Marston, Jr. or "Jack" as most called him was looking through his dog Rufus' kennel. "What's the matter son?" John asked. Jack shook his head. "I can't find Rufus anywhere," he replied. "I heard him howlin' at something last night. He ran off toward the woods and I figured he was goin' after coons or somethin' like he usually does but I guess I was wrong. He'd be back by now. Something was wrong last night. There was a dark purple colored mist over the woods in Tall Trees that Rufus was running too. "I'll go find him," John said softly to Jack. John belted on his Colt Peacemaker. The .45 was really light on his hip for such a big gun. He grabbed a second smaller gun, a Colt Model 1877 Double-Action "Thunderer" .41 Long Colt Revolver, along with some .45 Long Colt and .41 Long Colt cartridges, and mounted his paint in a hurry. The horse cantered through the pastures of John's ranch, carrying John up to Tall Trees. He entered the woods and drew his gun. "Rufus!" he shouted. John whistled, trying to get Rufus to come to him. "Come here boy!" He heard the sound of loud smacking and chewing. Following the noise, John made his way through some bushes and found Rufus with a wild look in his eye and foaming at the mouth. Upon seeing his dog he noticed a half eaten wild coyote. "Damn," John said. "Looks like he's got the rabies." John started to step forward. Rufus snarled frighteningly as he saw John and charged at him. Jumping onto John, Rufus bit him in the arm. "Damn it you freak!" John reached for his Peacemaker which he had dropped beside him, thumbed the hammer back, and blew the dog's brains out. John looked closer at the foam on Rufus' mouth. It wasn't normal foam. It had a dark purple color to it. John suspected that besides rabies, Rufus had a rare disorder. Holstering his gun, he took a gunny sack from his saddlebag and placed Rufus' corpse inside of it. John sat the bag on the back of his horse and rode back to Beecher's Hope. Uncle approached John. "I heard about Rufus," Uncle said to John. "Is everything........" Uncle paused when he saw the body bag on John's horse. Jack saw his father out of the window of his bedroom and ran outside to him. "Pa!" he exclaimed. Jack noticed the bag on the horse as well. "He died?" Jack questioned. "No son," John said. "I had to kill him. He....." "YOU KILLED MY DOG, PA!" he shouted in response. He became angry with John. "WHY? WHY WOULD YOU KILL MY SPECIAL DOG! RUFUS WAS ALL I HAD!" Jack stormed off into the house. "Jack!" John hollered after him. "Wait! Son!" John followed him in the house. As he entered, Abigail asked him, "Is Rufus okay?" "No Honey," he replied quickly. "He's dead." Abigail gasped. Jack slammed the door of his room in John's face and locked it. John knocked on the door. "Son," he pleaded through the door. "GO AWAY YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Jack replied. This angered John. "HEY! YOU WILL HONOR AND RESPECT YOUR FATHER! IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. RUFUS WAS INFECTED WITH SOME KIND OF DISEASE WHEN I FOUND HIM!" Jack opened the door. "What?" he asked calmly while wiping tears from his eyes. "Jack, my son," John said softly. "Let me explain. Rufus was sick when I came across him. He was foaming at the mouth and snarling. He attacked me and I had no choice but to kill him." Jack nodded his head. "Okay," he said. "I forgive you, but it's never gonna be the same without Rufus." Jack closed the door. John sobbed slightly and rushed swiftly outside and into the privy. Abigail followed him and knocked on the door gentley. John sat in the outhouse wheeping softly. "John!" She hollered with concern. "What's wrong with you? What happened to Rufus? What did you need to kill 'im for?" John strived to cease crying long enough to answer Abigail. "Honey....he went mad. I infered that he had hydrophobia, because he was foaming at the mouth. I looked closer though and the foam had a dark purple color to it. He was growling a bunch and he attacked me. I had to put him out of his misery," John said serenely to Abigail. Abigail sighed. "I'm sorry John," she whispered through the door. She walked away to give John some time alone to calm down.

Early the next morning, John buried Rufus in the pasture under a big cedar tree, leaving a stone their with Rufus' name etched into it. Jack approached the grave with a wildflower and layed it on the ground. '' I love you so much, Rufus," Jack said quietly. "My mother and my father love you too! You were the most beautiful, well-trained dog I ever had in my life. I never could have wished for a better dog. I miss you and hope to see you again one day. Until the day I die, I guess it's farewell." John layed down in his bed to rest for a while. What the hell was the matter with that dog, he thought to himself. Did it have something to do with that purple fume Jack was talking about? John stared at the ceiling for about five minutes and then finally drifted off into a light doze.

Chapter 2: The Incident

It was late in the evening at Manzanita Post. Two poachers, Manny O' Kelly and Jacob "Jake" Gryphon, arrived at the trading post to buy ammunition and supplies. While Jake looked for everything they needed in the store, Manny decided to take a look around the little settlement. Before starting his little expedition, he bought a bottle of Prickly Ash Bitters. Manny was already drunk by the time he swallowed a quarter of that bottle of whiskey. As he walked down the street, a woman called for his attention. "Evening Mister," she said. Manny turned and saw her. "Howdy ma'am," he hiccupped. "Evenin' to ya." The woman smiled. "My name is Helene. Would you like to come inside and have a bite to eat?" Manny nodded. He stumbled into the house with Helene. Sitting down at the table, Helene gives him a bowl of chili, a plate of fried venison, and some jerkey. Manny inhaled this meal in a hurry. "Thank ya ma'am," Manny slurred. "Now it's time for dessert." Manny unbuttoned his pants. "I have a husband," Helene said quickly. Manny laughed. "Yer husband can go fuck himself," he cackled. Stripping off his clothing, he wrestled Helene onto the nearby bed and began to tear her dress off. "SOMEONE HELP!" she shouted. "GET THIS PERVERTED BASTARD OFF ME!" Helene's husband, Chris, came bursting through the door. "WHAT THE HELL?" Chris shouted. Manny bent over and attempted to draw his pistol from it's holster which layed on the floor with his clothes. Chris drew a Colt revolver of his own and held it on Manny. Manny looked up and his eyes met Chris'. "Why were you screwing my wife you dumb ass?" Chris demanded in anger. "DAMN YOU!" Manny shouted. "That bitch seduced me. Yer wifes a damned whore." Chris kicked Manny, knocking him to the ground. "Get out of my house!" Chris yelled as he threw Manny out the door. "Take yer rags with ya!" He threw Manny's clothes out the door. He drew Manny's gun from it's holster and unloaded it. He then took the reserved shells out of the loops in the belt and threw them in a pot of soil on the kitchen table. Chris threw Manny's gun and gunbelt at him. "If I ever see you around here again I'll blow yer head off!" Chris yelled. He slammed the door and went inside with his wife. Chris was a thin, tall man, about the age of 39. He wore a bucksin vest and a bandolier full of cartridges for the Henry Rifle he carried in the scabbard on his saddle. He didn't wear a gunbelt. He just simply carried his nickel plated Richards-Mason Cartridge Converted Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver in his right pocket and the .44 Colt cartridges in his shirt pockets. Manny went back to the trading post to find Jake. He found Jake playing Five Finger Fillet near the store with Americus Roe. He pulled Jake away from the game to tell him what happened. "Why would you be dumb enough to rape a crazy old hillbilly's wife you stupid ass?" Jake asked. "YER MARRIED FOR CHRIST SAKE. What would yer wife say about this?" Manny suddenly went from calm to nervous. "Don't tell Roseanne about this, please," Manny begged. "She'll kick me out of the house. I'll have to live on the streets of Blackwater until I'm killed by some low life. Please Jake! Yer my best friend. I was always there for you and done what you needed since we were young. I always took up for you when other kids tryed to pick a fight with you, now you need to return the favor. Please don't tell my wife about this." Jake sighed. "Fine," he said. "Just don't screw up and do it again. Next time the Marshal could get involved and then you won't have to worry about Roseanne killing you 'cause he's likely to have you strung up." Manny joined Jake and Americus Roe in their game of Five Finger Fillet and they played all night long.

At 1:01 A.M. a pack of wolves came across the dark purple fume that was tainting Tall Trees. After approaching it and smelling it the wolves suddenly went mad. Manny and Jake were continuing their poaching "jobs" in the woods that morning. Jake heard howling and signaled for Manny to come over to him. Manny dismounted his chestnut and looked through his binoculars to see where it was coming from. He witnessed the pack of mad wolves stalking a grizzly bear, which is very unusual behavior. The wolves growled horrifyingly at the creature and all at once attacked it, ending it's life in seconds. The Wolves were devouring the grizzly. "That ain't natural," Jake said. He drew his Sharps Model 1874 Buffalo Gun from it's scabard, loaded the 50-90 Sharps round into the barrel, took careful aim and pulled the trigger. The muzzle roared and blazed as the projectile expelled from it and entered the heart of one of the mutant wolves. The pack of wolves turned and growled at the two cowboys. The whole pack suddenly charged at Manny and Jake. Manny ran to his chestnut and mounted up. Jake threw the empty Sharps Rifle at the hostile animals and tryed to mount the horse with Manny. A wolf caught Jake by the pants leg and pulled him to the ground. Jake drew his Smith & Wesson Baby Russian Revolver chambered for .38 S&W and put a slug in the wolf's brain. Manny's spooked horse suddenly jumped into a canter and rushed away with Manny in the saddle, leaving poor Jake behind with nothing but a .38 caliber sixgun to protect him from eleven wolves. Riding out of Tall Trees, Manny ran in to Marshal Leigh Johnson with his deputies Jonah and Eli, who were coming to pay John Marston the reward for killing Mitchelle de Colon. Behind Manny in the woods, two loud gunshots exploded into the air from Jake's .38 and the whining of severly wounded wolves could be heard. Looking the Marshal in the eyes, Manny begged for help. "Marshal," he stammered. "My friend...Jake....surrounded....he's being attacked by wild animals.....please help." Another gunshot rang out as the Marshal listened to Manny. Marshal Johnson nodded as Manny wrapped up his pleas for help. "Alright boys," he said to the deputies. "Let's go see what's going on." The .38 was fired one more time and then there was the sound of a man screaming. Marshal Johnson, Manny, and the deputies arrived and found Jake's corpse torn apart, his guts eaten out, his heart half chewed, his eyeballs hanging out of his head, and his jaw half way broken off of his head. Jonah vomited as he viewed the savaged body. "What happened exactly son?" Marshal Johnson asked Manny calmly. "Werewolves attacked my friend!" Manny replied. Marshal Johnson laughed. "Oh, son," he chuckled. "There ain't no such things as werewolves except for the politicians in Blackwater. I think you've had too much rot-gut." Manny became angry. "WHAT THE HELL WERE THEY THEN?" he yelled. "ANSWER ME THAT!" The Marshal went from his amused laughter and guffaw to a serious look. "If you want an explaination, boy," Marshal Johnson snarled gritting his teeth. "You best be polite. Now it is possible that they were rabid wolves. Most wolves are playful and shy, but they tend to get a little mean if they've got a touch of the hydrophobia." Manny shook his head. "This weren't no rabies, Mister," Manny replied. "No wolf, rabies or not, would ever attack and devour a grizzly bear. These wolves did just that. The carcass is right over there." Manny pointed his index finger to his right. Johnson looked and saw the gigantic animal lying on the ground as dead as a doornail. "I'll admit that it is strange that these wolves would attack the most terrifying beast in the woods," Johnson murmured. "But, I still think they were just mad wolves. I'd bet a nickel they're foaming at the mouth." Johnson inspected one of the dead wolves to see if it's mouth had any foam. It did, but it had a dark purplish color to it. "Dark violet foam," Johnson said shocked to see such a strange colored foam. "I ain't never seen no rabid animal with a purple foam at the mouth." Jonah, curious to see the dead bears body, went over to it slowly. "Oh my God, Jesus Lord, what kind of animal done that?" Jonah said after regurgitating as he discovered the body. "Werewolves done it," Manny said. "Now Dammit," Marshal Johnson snapped. "There ain't no such thing as werewolves." Manny finally lost his temper. "Marshal!" he roared. "I'll take that badge of yers and shove it up yer ass if you......" He was interrupted by Eli. "Did you hear that noise?" he whispered. Eli heard frequent, horrifying growling and snarling. Manny tip-toed over to his chestnut and grabbed a cartridge belt full of .38 Long Colt ammunition for his cartridge converted Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver, which layed in his holster and remained unloaded just as it was when Chris returned it to Manny. He reloaded the Colt Navy and holstered it. He also drew his Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" from it's scabbard and a loaded Remington Model 1858 Pocket Pistol, a.31 caliber cap & ball revolver, from his saddlebags . Out of a row of trees came the last of the pack of wolves that killed Jake. Marshal Johnson drew both of his Remingtons while Jonah and Eli covered him with their Winchester Model 1873 rifles. The wolves stalked The four men like they would a helpless animal. The guns started blazing. The mutated wolves were dying left and right. The wolves tryed a different stradegy and ran for the men's horses. Two of the wolves attacked and killed Manny's horse. Marshal Johnson realized that the next targets were his own horse and Jonah's and Eli's horses. The wolves charged at full speed toward the horses. Johnson fired three swift shots and killed one of them. He fired two more from his second gun and the mutant wolves backed away. "Hurry up boys," Johnson ordered. "Mount yer horses." Jonah, Eli, and the Marshal mounted their horses as quick as possible and rode out of those woods as quick as they could. Manny was by himself now. He fired his Colt Navy at one wolf, killing it. The rest of the wolves then sprang onto him and began clawing and biting at him. "Sir," Eli said with guilt. "We can't leave Manny behind." Marshal Johnson shook his head. "It's too late for him, boy," Johnson replied. "He's dog food now."

The three lawmen rode back to Armadillo and entered the Marshal's office to relax and get their minds off of the horrendous incident that had just occured. A few hours passed and Marshal Johnson heard gunfire at the bank. Marshal Johnson rose from his desk and armed himself with a Colt Model 1878 Double-Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun to go investigate the noise. Three outlaws, Igor, Kelly, and Nathan, armed with Winchester Model 1911 SL 12 Gauge Shotguns, were attempting a robbery. The clerk had his hands up high in the air. "GIMME THE LOOT! RIGHT NOW! YOU THINK I'M JOKIN' WITH YA?" Igor shouted angrily. "Easy there sir," the clerk said. The clerk went into the back room and opened both of the safes and the chests. He brought the sacks of gold and paper dollars to the three men along with some gold bars. Igor smiled. "I also want whatever loot is in that closet," he said pointing to the old wooden armory. The clerk walked slowly over to the armory and opened it. He put his hands inside slowly. Igor grinned as the clerk reached for the loot that was thought to be in the armory. The clerk wasn't grabbing any money though. His hands were holding the walnut grips of a Colt Model 1878 Double Action Revolver. He pulled his hands out swiftly, pointing the .45 at Igor who immediatley opened fire with his shotgun and blew the bankers hand off. "SHOOT THAT SON OF A BITCH!" He shouted. Igor, Kelly, and Nathan all fired their shotguns at the clerk and killed him. A few minutes later while they were looting the clerk's body and taking money from the armory, Marshal Johnson walked in with his Colt Shotgun aimed right at them. "Hold it right there boys," he said smoothly. Nathan idioticly fired his shotgun with one hand at Johnson and broke his own arm because of the kick. Right that instant, Igor, Nathan, and Kelly ran out the back door. Fortunately, the buckshot missed Johnson who fired his own shotgun in retalitation. He missed the fleeing outlaws who mounted their horses and hauled ass out of Armadillo. "Damn me," Johnson said to himself. He left the bank and returned to his office ashamed of himself.

That night, while laying in bed, John suddenly sat up when he heard barking and snarling outside. John peaked out the window and witnessed a pack of mutated coyotes attacking his livestock. John drew his Peacemaker from his holster that he kept next to his bed and ran outside, dropping coyotes like flies. His revolver clicked empty suddenly. He was sure that his goose was cooked. Then, like a guardian angel, Uncle came out of the house with his Winchester Model 1876, shooting wolves quickly and easily. Uncle laughed as he saw the coyotes turn and run. "Look at 'em run, boy," he chuckled. John didn't join in laughing. "We need to go kill all of them coyotes, old man," John protested. "Let's mount up and dispose of them properly." John and Uncle put their clothes, bandoliers, and gunbelts on in a hurry and rode after the coyotes. They caught up with the fast moving canines and opened fire. "Damn!" John shouted. "Just the two of us ain't gonna do no good." Right when he said that, a shotgun bellowed and one of the coyotes got blasted in the ass. It was Chris. He had spent most of the evening killing mutated animals and people. Chris fired once more and Uncle and John joined in. It wasn't long before the coyotes were all killed. "Howdy friend," John said to Chris. "My names John Marston." Chris was suddenly shocked. "Yer the man who killed Mitchelle de Colon," Chris stated. John nodded. Uncle suddenly interrupted their conversation. "Boys," he said. "Somethin' ain't right. We need to go to Blackwater and see if we can get them sorry excuses of law enforcement they call government agents to help us out." John looked Uncle in the eyes. "Alright," he said. "Let's go." They quickly rode to Blackwater to look for help.

Chapter 3: Overrun by Lunatics

John, Uncle, and Chris arrived in Blackwater. The town was overrun by murderous lunatics hell bent on killing all persons in their path. Uncle and John shot two of these sick bastards who were charging at them with Bowie Knives. They entered the office of Dr. Cyril Purvis. "Doc!" John yelled. "We need yer help. We want to know what the hell's going on." The doctor was flabergasted. "Well....." The doctor was interrupted by a large horde of lunatics busting through the window. Purvis, John, Uncle, and Chris shot down dozens of them but more kept coming. Purvis, who finally had enough, reached under his desk and pulled out a box of homemade fire bottles. "Throw these at the sons-of-bitches," Purvis ordered. The four men set the whole Town of Blackwater on fire. John, Doc, Uncle, and Chris rode down to Armadillo. Doc explained the whole thing on the way. When the men asked him what the dark-violet "fume" was, he sighed. "I will tell you what The Fume is," Purvis answered.

"The fume is a dark violet colored gas known as insania donec, which was designed to be unpredictable and unstable, when people are exposed to it, they will obtain rare disorders, symptoms can be visible and cause people to become psychotic and have devastating effects such as killing friends, neighbors, family members, and strangers. All who are exposed to it will develop a homicidal behavior."

"Where the hell did this thing come from?" Chris asked

"It was brought from Europe to the United States by Professor Harold Grishom, a mad scientist who claimed it was a weapon of biological warfare. It was stored in a huge metal cylinder with a glass, transparent window so it could be viewed by other scientists. Grishom released it one day, hoping to use this process of making lunatics out of citizens to drive the most important government officials insane so he could take over the country. Grishom was later shot and killed by General Carter. The Army is trying everything they can in order to end this madness."

The group arrived in Armadillo, which is also filled with lunatics. "Oh Shit," John said. "I know," Chris replied. "Look at all of those crazies." John shook his head. "That ain't what's got me scared," John said. "My wife is here." Abigail stood on the porch of The Marshal's office wearing a deputy's badge with a revolver in her hands. "DAMN IT JOHN!" she yelled at him. "DON'T YOU EVER RUN OFF WITHOUT TELLING ME AGAIN!" Jack exited the office and said to Abigail, "Easy on him now, mother. He was just trying to help everyone." Chris turned to look at Purvis and Uncle. "Let's leave John to deal with his woman," Chris said chuckling. Uncle and Purvis laughed with him and they rode to the other end of town to fight the lunatics. John dismounted to hug his wife, and then he saw a wagon speed into town. The stagecoach was being used by the three outlaws Igor, Nathan, and Kelly. John approached the stagecoach to talk to the driver and the passengers. Igor, who was driving, drew his Colt M1905 New Marine from his holster and pointed it at John. "Don't take another step!" the criminal shouted. "You infected?" John put his hands up. "Easy there friend," John replied nervously. "Ain't my friend," Igor said to John. "Answer the damn question! Are you infected? ANSWER ME DAMN YOU! DO YOU HAVE THE INSANITY? ANSWER ME OR SO HELP ME GOD I'LL BLAST THAT SHITTY FACE OFF!" Igor squeaked while speaking those final words. His eyes showed that he was afraid. John shook his head. "I promise we aren't sick," he said. Igor kept the revolver pointed at him. "Good," Igor said suddenly smiling. "Unbuckle yer gunbelt and hand it to me." John was confused. He dared not ignore Igor though, for Nathan and Kelly were backing him up by covering John with their shotguns. He done as he was told. "Ma'am," he said to Abigail. "You put away that sixgun and you and the boy go back into the Marshal's office." Abigial nervously put the gun in her pocket. "Take yer husbands gun with ya too," Igor said throwing the gunbelt to her. She caught it and took it inside with her. Igor looked at John. "We're going to feed you to them lunatics, Mister," Igor said. "Maybe then, they'll go away and bother someone else." John shook his head and started laughing. "SHUT UP!" Igor shouted. "Now start walking." John walked with his hands up. The gang had exited their stagecoach, mounted some horses, and rode behind John with their guns on him. Chris was on the roof of the saloon aiming his Henry rifle at Nathan. Chris pulled the trigger. The roar of the gun echoed all around the town. Nathan held his side as he fell from his horse to the ground lifeless. Before Igor and Kelly knew what to do, Chris hollered to John, "Catch!" Chris drew his revolver and tossed it to John. John caught it as it was falling. Igor and Kelly's guns roared as they fired at Chris. John gripped the Colt .44 in his hand. He lifted it upward, pointing it at Igor. John held the trigger down and started fanning the hammer with his left hand. Igor hit the dirt as dead as a doornail. John turned the gun on Kelly who was entirley too shocked at John's proffesion to even think about firing his gun. "Get ready for a dirt nap," John said as he fired one accurate shot into Kelly's forehead. All three of the criminals layed dead in the street. Chris made his way down to the street to John and took a box of .44 Colt shells from his shirt pocket. Handing them to John he said, "Now what are we gonna do?" John began to reload the gun. "I need to go check on the folks at MacFarlane's Ranch." Chris knelt down to loot the corspes of the three dead outlaws. John mounted a nearby mustang and raced out of town heading to MacFarlane's Ranch. Lunatics have taken over the state and John fears that this is the end for himself and most importantly his family. John wept slightly and whispered quietly to himself as a tear slithered down his cheek like a snake, "I won't let you down! I promise you Jack......Abigail.....I promise you! As long as I'm still breathing I will not let any harm come to you! With God as my witness.........I promise you!"

John arrived at MacFarlane's Ranch. The entire property was infested with murderous lunatics tearing up and murdering the ranch hands and lawmen. One of the lunatics tore the throat of a deputy and ate it. Marshal Johnson, Jonah, and Eli were there fighting off the lunatics. Bonnie MacFarlane was helping them. John joined in and began killing lunatics like flies. The lunatics began running away. "Quick!" Bonnie shouted. "Into the foreman's office." Johnson, the three deputies, Bonnie, and John entered the office and locked the door. Bonnie opened an armory full of guns and ammunition. Eli drew his handgun, a .44 caliber cap & ball Kerr Revolver and began loading it. He then took a Starr Model 1863 Single Action Percussion Army Revolver which was converted to fire .44 Colt cartridges from the armory and a .52 Caliber Nock Gun, both of them loaded. He also took some extra ammunition. Jonah armed himself with a .44 caliber cap & ball Pettengill Double Action Percussion Army Revolver, tucking it in his belt and a Winchester Model 1895 rifle. John grabbed a Colt Model 1872 Open Top Revolver and a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellowboy" with some .44 Rimfire shells for both of those guns. He also grabbed a gunbelt with a quick-draw holster on the right-hand side, which Chris's Colt .44 that he had been carrying could fit in, and a cross-draw holster on the left side that his Colt Open Top Revolver could fit in. Bonnie's father, Drew MacFarlane, entered the foreman's office wearing a gunbelt with his two customized, ivory handled, Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolvers with a Richards-Mason conversion to fire .38 Long Colt in twin quickdraw holsters, and carrying a Sharps Model 1874 Buffalo Gun - .50-90 Sharps. "Daddy," Bonnie said. "You get back in the house." Drew shook his head. "I ain't too old to fuck up some crazy sons-of-bitches that are destroying everything I worked for," he growled. "Let's mount up." The group mounted their horses and rode around the ranch killing any lunatics they could find. Drew killed a maniac firing a Gatling Gun and took it over. The crazies were being filled full of holes and dying left and right. A gigantic army of them, armed with whiskey bombs, began burning the ranch. Drew wasn't going to stand for this and attacked the army, blowing off the heads of dozens of them. A very large lunatic began creeping up on Drew with a Model 1860 Light Cavalry Saber. "DADDY LOOK OUT!!!!!!" Bonnie screamed. Drew turned around to look at Bonnie. At that instant, The lunatic attacked and decapitated him. "NO!" Bonnie cryed. John became angry. He charged toward the lunatic and shot him in the gut. He then took the cavalry sword away from him and stabbed him in the neck. John removed Drew's gunbelt with the two Navy six-shooters holstered and took them over to Bonnie. Bonnie looked at the two revolvers while wiping tears from her eyes. "John," Bonnie said. "You can keep Daddy's guns. He would've wanted you to have 'em." John nodded and hung the gunbelt on the horn of his saddle. "Miss MacFarlane," John said. "You need to escape from this hell right now. We can't beat these maniacs. Go to Armadillo. My friends Chris and Uncle are there and they will take care of you." Bonnie nodded. She mounted up and rode away. Marshal Johnson and his deputies rode away with her. John mounted up and went to Armadillo to get Jack and Abigail.

Chapter 4: All Hell Breaks Loose

John returned to Armadillo and entered the Marshal's office where Abigail and Jack were waiting for him. "John?" Abigail asked. "Howdy Darling," John replied. Abigail embraced John. Abigail was wearing John's gunbelt that he had left behind earlier along with her own gun tucked in her waistband. Jack was holding a sawed-off Winchester Model 1901 "Rosebox" 10 gauge shotgun, and he also had Igor's Colt M1905 New Marine .38 S&W Revolver in his pocket. "We've gotta go Abigail," John said. "Get the horses ready while I go and round up Uncle and Chris." He found Uncle and Chris on the balcony of the Armadillo saloon with Bonnie MacFarlane fighting off some surviving lunatics. Uncle was armed with a Winchester Model 1876 Lever Action Rifle. Chris was armed with his Henry Model 1860 Rifle and Bonnie was armed with a Colt Lightning Rifle. John drew the Colt 1860 Army and the Colt Open Top and fired three shots, one from the Colt Army and two from the Colt Open Top, and killed a crazy who was armed with a Smith & Wesson No. 3 "Schofield" Revolver. John took the Schofield along with around 100 of the .45 Schofield cartridges for the gun from the dead man's pockets. He entered the saloon, went up stairs, and made his way to the balcony. "Howdy there," John said. Chris shook John's hand. "It's good to see yer still alive," Chris said. John returned Chris's Colt Army Revolver to him and gave him all of the .44 Colt shells he had. He filled the loops on his gunbelt with .45 Schofield rounds and checked the amount of .44 Rimfire shells he had in his pockets for his Winchester and his Colt Open Top. He reloaded the Smith & Wesson "Schofield" and the Colt Open Top Revolver and then holstered them. Uncle, Bonnie, Chris, and John killed the last of the lunatics in Armadillo. "Chris and Uncle," John said. "We've gotta go. You comin' with us Bonnie?" Bonnie nodded. He walked with Uncle, Bonnie, and Chris to the Marshal's Office where Jack and Abigail were waiting. John drew his Winchester "Yellowboy" from it's scabard as he mounted his horse. Uncle, The Marstons, Chris, and Bonnie rode out of Armadillo. "Where we goin' John?" Abigail asked. "Back to West Elizabeth," John replied. "There are still alot of lunatics up there. By the way, where's Doc? I didn't see him in town." "He ran off while you were at MacFarlane's Ranch," Jack replied. "I think he returned to Blackwater."

When they arrived in West Elizabeth, they were surrounded by devastation. Corpses and carcasses were laying in the dust and they heard explosions coming from Blackwater. They rode to Blackwater and found the army blowing up the town. The army, led by Major General Fred Carter, Brigadier General Don Coogan, Colonel Judas Wilkes, Captain Howard Jones, and The Bureau of Investigation Senior Agent Edgar Ross, were destroying the town to kill the lunatics. John met up with the five leaders. "Mr. Marston," Ross groaned. "Why are you here?" John became angry. "I'm protecting my family if you must know. It looks like you've got things under control here so I guess I'll be on my way....."

"Hold it!" Ross shouted. "I have some work for you. You are hereby temporarily put under the command of these military officers and myself until further notice." General Carter nodded. "Marston," he called. "I need you to head up to Tall Trees with General Coogan, Captain Jones, and I. There is a unit there waiting for us. Mount up and bring yer family and friends with you." The group mounted up and rode at lighting speed to Tall Trees. When they arrived, they found Marshal Leigh Johnson, Jonah, Eli, and a small band of soldiers fighting lunatics. John dismounted to speak with Johnson. "Marshal," John said. "Hello again, John," Johnson chuckled. "Come with me real quick. I want you to meet an old friend of mine." John followed the Marshal to a big tree where they found a Native American. "John, Meet the Great Apache Chief Black Cougar," Johnson said. John tipped his hat. "Howdy Chief," John said shaking the Indian's hand. "He is the only one of his tribe who survived the sickness," Johnson said. "The violet smoke attacked my people and turned them into blood thirsty bastards," Black Cougar said. "They are no more." Before anything else could be said, Edgar Ross showed up in his car with Colonel Wilkes. "Who the devil is this wagon-burner?" Ross asked confused. Black Cougar became angry. "I am Black Cougar. War Chief! Be thankful White Man! For if you were were not here to put my people out of their misery, your scalp would be mine." Edgar Ross nodded and took a holsterd Colt Police Positive .32 Long Colt Revolver from the floor board of the car. The ammunition belt was filled full with .32 Long Colt shells and the holstered revolver was fully loaded aswell. He handed it to Black Cougar who immediately put on the gunbelt. "You and John will fight these lunatics," Ross said. "Those are your orders." Black Cougar sighed. "I never thought I'd live to see the day that I take orders from a white man," he hissed. John readied his Winchester and fired a shot at a lunatic who was eating a dead army officer. Black Cougar fired three quick shots, killing a lunatic who was charging at him with a lance. John and Black Cougar fought hard until the army of crazies finally began retreating. John returned to Edgar Ross. "Mr. Marston," he said. "Good shooting." John shook his head. 'I'd say the same to you if all of the ones you killed didn't get it in the back!" John roared. Ross laughed. "I need you to go check on the Navy officers down near the Wreck of the Serendipity. There's a ship down there full of Navy officers led by Captain Richard Dock." John groaned. "You comin' with me Black Cougar?" John asked. The Indian nodded. Ross turned to General Coogan. "Coogan," he said. "I need you to go up around Cochinay, Nekoti Rock, Aurora Basin, and the old mine. Marshal Johnson, you and your deputies go with him." Coogan, Johnson and the deputies rode off while John and Black Cougar rode down to the Wreck of the Serendipity. They found the Navy ship next to it and it was seemingly abandoned. John and Black Cougar went inside. They made it to the captain's quarters. There they found Captain Dock who had gone crazy. The Fume had got him. Dock hissed at John and Black Cougar as he pulled up his ivory handled Smith & Wesson Model 10 Revolver. He fired the .38 Special and grazed John's cheek. John fired back at him with his Schofield. Dock fired three more shots, but missed John. John fired his Schofield again and then ducked behind Dock's desk. He drew his Colt Model 1872 Open Top Revolver and shot Dock in the arm. Dock took cover behind a cabinet and reloaded his gun. Black Cougar suddenly took the gun away from him and buffaloed him with it. Dock unseathed a dirk and stabbed Black Cougar in the arm. Dock jumped out the window and began running away toward Tall Trees. Black Cougar, with the dirk still in his shoulder, chased after Dock with his Colt Police Positive in his right hand and Dock's own Smith & Wesson Model 10 in the other. An hour later, John returned to Edgar Ross and the army back in the woods. General Coogan was there and had apparently been infected with the madness. He was choking Captain Jones. John drew his Colt Open Top and shot Coogan in the head, killing him. Jones gasped for air. "Thank you," he coughed. "The Fume got him and most likely got Marshal Johnson and his deputies too. Where's Black Cougar?"

"I don't know," John replied. "He was chasing after Captain Dock when I last saw him." Jones became startled. "We saw Dock running up towards Nekoti Rock!" "Ah shit!" John mumbled. There was a sudden growl. He turned and saw Black Cougar, now a lunatic, armed with the same dirk that had been used to stab him in the shoulder. Jones drew his Colt Model 1889 .41 Long Colt Revolver. John shot Black Cougar in the leg with his Colt Open Top. Black Cougar threw his dirk and hit Captain Jones in the head. Jones fell to the ground, a lifless corpse. John shot Black Cougar right above the heart and killed him. John found Ross and the rest of the officers nearby in an officers tent with his family, Chris and Bonnie. "Jones is dead," John announced.

Chapter 5: In The Arms of God

It was midnight. John, Uncle, Chris, Bonnie, Jack, and Abigail were patroling the area. Agent Ross and the remainder of the army was searching Cochinay, Nekoti Rock, and Aurora Basin for Captain Dock. John was wondering about Marshal Johnson, Jonah, and Eli. What happened to them? Bonnie was patroling near the old mine when she heard a strange noise. She entered the mine. Uncle and Chris were drinking whiskey and being lazy. Jack stayed close to his mother. He had left his guns with Uncle and Chris and tried to rest. John checked the load on his Schofield and his Colt Open Top. Suddenly, a shout from the old mine broke the silence. After the shout there was a string of gunshots from Nekoti Rock. "Abigail! Jack!" John shouted. "Come with me." John ran toward the old mine while Chris and Uncle ran to Nekoti Rock to investigate the shots. When John and his family entered the mine, they found Bonnie with a Bowie Knife in her chest. Abigail almost fainted. John was face to face with Deputy Jonah, now a lunatic, with the Pettengill Revolver in his hand. He fired a shot at John, hitting him in the leg. John fired his Schofield five times, hitting Jonah in the gut each time. Jonah fired his Pettengill twice more, hitting John in the shoulder and the ribs. John shot Jonah again in the head and killed him. Eli and the Marshal sprang on John. Eli fired his Starr Model 1863 at John and grazed the back of his hand. John chucked his empty Schofield away and shot Eli's trigger finger off with his Colt Open Top. Eli attacked Abigail, resulting in Eli being shot in the head by her. John was about to cock his Colt again when Marshal Johnson knocked it away from him. Johnson began beating John to a pulp. Blood was gushing from John's face. Three of his teeth were knocked out. Johnson tore a large amount of skin from John's torso and chest and finally began strangling John. Jack feared for his pa's life. He noticed John's Colt laying on the ground. John was starting to black out from being strangled. This is it, he thought to himself. There was a gunshot. Marshal Johnson released his grip. Jack had shot Marshal Johnson in the head with John's Colt. Jack took up John's Schofield and put it in his pocket and tucked John's Colt in his waistband. Abigail and Jack helped John walk out of the mine where they found, Edgar Ross, General Carter, and Colonel Wilkes with the army who was firing at a group of lunatics running away from Tall Trees and out towards the Great Plains. Edgar Ross holstered his Colt M1911. "What happened?" Jack asked. "We found the navy captain, Richard Dock, up at Nekoti Rock with his group of Navy officers who had 'disappeared'," Edgar Ross replied. "They were all infected with the madness. The Fume had passed through Nekoti Rock, Cochinay, and Aurora Basin. Dock was killed but the lunatics have escaped." He turned to the General Carter. "The following areas need to be blown all to shit," Ross said. "Wreck of The Serendipity, Blackwater, Beecher's Hope......." "What?" John shouted in anger. "My ranch? NO!" Ross drew his pistol. "Marston," Ross said. "I've just about had it with your disrespect to my authority. Your ranch will be one of the next places the lunatics will strike. Your home will be rebuilt. Until then, you and your family will be relocated to Lincoln, New Mexico. Don't speak another word to me about this or so help me God I'll shoot you. America is in danger. We cannot let this stuff spread to the rest of the world. We have to stop it. There is a special fume that some of the Bureau's scientests are bringing this way that will terminate the insania donec . There is a stagecoach waiting for you down hill to take you to your new home in Lincoln. I suggest you get on it with your family and go there. I don't want to see your face around here again until we have this shit straightened out!" Ross holstered his pistol and got in his automobile and drove away. Abigail and Jack supported John as they walked down hill toward the stagecoach. They got in the passenger seat. "Next stop," The driver said. "Lincoln!" The driver whipped the horses and started driving the route to Lincoln. John layed his head in Abigail's lap. He saw the battle between the army and the lunatics through the window of the coach. He heard the bombs going off and watched as his home blew up before his very eyes. John stared up at the ceiling. He sighed. His cuts stung like a wasp. His vision was going blurry. He tried to calm himself. It seemed like hours. He heard his whole world exploding behind him. He felt as if the Angel of Death were sitting in the stagecoach with him. Hell's gates are opening, John thought to himself. They are waiting for a new arrival. His head was pounding. The sounds of the explosions were fading away. He finally felt relaxed and comfortable. He felt like he was in the arms of God.


In Washington D.C., uncreditably, the President of the United States of America, William Howard Taft opened the door of his room and went inside, lying down in his bed. He suddenly found himself in a terrible struggle to avoid losing his mind. Taft irrevocably became a raving homicidal maniac. Taft murdered Speaker Of The United States House of Representatives James Beauchamp "Champ" Clark and Vice President James S. Sherman, continuing his struggle to stop himself. He was later killed by his guardsmen.

Photos of the Fume

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