Firstly, let me begin by saying this is my first blog, so if it seems more like a ramble than a well put together essay forgive me. Secondly, I don't hate Red Dead Redemption 2. The game, visually and in terms of gameplay, is great.To many people who's first Red Dead game was the 2nd, which appears to be more people on this website everyday, the game is a masterpiece and this is completely understandable. As a standalone experience the game is almost flawless, despite my relative disconnection from it for reasons to be discussed soon. As a fan of Red Dead Redemption since the age of 11, almost a decade ago, the game has been a passion of mine for almost half my life. For years Red Dead Redemption 2 was rumour, and something I was overwhelmingly excited about. However, my disappointment with the game was it's tendancy to create plot holes and continuity errors.

In the first game, John often gives the impression as well as directly stating he has never been to New Austin before. Anybody who has played past the epilogue of RDR2 knows that this is completely ignored by the ability to go to New Austin and complete misions there.In 1907 Thieve's landing is but a few small buildings and unfinished construction. In 1911, the area is a fully constructed, inhabited town that appears to be both old and run down in  way that could not have happened in 4 years.It is revealed in the first game that John and Abigail had a baby girl tht passes away some time before the events of that game, a plot point that you would expect to atleast be mentioned in a prequel story but that is totally ignored.

Further issues I have with the game is the somewhat lazy writing towards the end of the game. When Arthur contracts TB, and even before tht to some extent, the ending of the game becomes all to obvious. As we watc Arthur slowly die and John become more and more prevalent it becomes painfully obvious that the cycle of the original playable character dying and then being replaced by another was about to take place. As somebody who waited years for this game, to have predicted the ending so easily was a big let down.

I'm sure to many people the things I have mentioned are not even problems, but as someone who had spent months of my life playing Red Dead Redemption the arrival of the second installment was bittersweet and these issues detracted from what I had hoped would be a flawless experience. This may sound like a nostalgia ridden hate letter about the game from someone who can't handle the fact that the game wsn't what I wanted, but I honestly went in to it with open eyes and nothing but hope.

Anyway I'll keep it short, just remember this is all my opinion and I'm not saying anybody who thinks RDR2 is great is any less of a Red Dead fan or that true Red Dead fans shouldn't like the game, that is far from what I intended to put across. I just wanted to put forward what my thoughts were a year after the release. Feel free to discuss with me if you think I've made incorrect judgement.

Outlaws to the End.

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