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  • Rvb forever

    I want to preface this by saying. I love Red Dead Redemption 2. I love the story, I love the gameplay and I think it is generally an improvement on the first Red Dead Redemption. Easily one of the best games ever made.

    However, I thought it would be an interesting post to change my attitude and discuss somethings the game got wrong. So first off, i'm going to split my criticisms of the game into two sections, Story and gameplay. Each point will be what I believe to be a negative aspect of said story or gameplay. Mind you, these points are more minor gripes I have with the game as I do love the game and have no serious problems with it.

    • The total absence of John Marston's daughter. Yes it's slightly bizarre hearing about the daughter of John Ma…

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  • Rvb forever

    The conclusion to Arthur Morgan's character arc can end in primarily two different ways. Arthur can die attempting to steal from Dutch or he can die ensuring John Marston escapes to see his family again. Now I want to preface this by saying, I LOVE John Marston. But in the end, I went for the money. Greedy? Selfish you might think? I think not. And I'll explain why I honestly prefer the "money" ending over the other option.

    Near the end of the game, Arthur talks about needing a "vacation" to some place dry out West, like California. Because it's his best chance at surviving his terminal illness. Of course, to do this, he'll need all the money he can get. But honestly I think the money symbolizes much more. You have to think about all of thi…

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  • Rvb forever

    I'm not sure how I feel about Uncle being a member of Dutch's gang. Firstly it wouldn't make any sense as to why Edgar Ross and the agency wouldn't hunt Uncle down during the events of the first game or why John never treats him like a former gang member and secondly I don't believe that Uncle is a memeber of the gang. It's hinted in Red Dead Redemption that John and Uncle have know each other since John's childhood. Uncle is probably a small time crook or theif that just tags along with John, Dutch and the rest of the gang. I highly doubt we'll see Uncle patricipating in train robberies or bank heists. He'll probably just act as a friend to the gang and not an active part of it.

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  • Rvb forever

    For the past eight years that I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, I've been stuck at 99.5% and I fear my 100% completion may be glitched. I've looked up tons of resources and nothing could point me in the proper direction of what the final 0.5% could be. But according to the 100% checklist on this wikia seen here I SHOULD have 100% in game. As my in game stats appear to line up with what is required for obtaining 100% in the game.

    For 100% the following in game stats should read

    - All 57 Story Missions completed

    - All 5 Rare Weapons obtained

    - All outfits with the exception of the Bureau Outfit (As the Bureau Outfit is unlocked after 100 %)

    - All 5 Job Locations completed

    - All Safehouses and Rental Properties Purchased

    - All 7 Gang Hideouts c…

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