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For the past eight years that I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, I've been stuck at 99.5% and I fear my 100% completion may be glitched. I've looked up tons of resources and nothing could point me in the proper direction of what the final 0.5% could be. But according to the 100% checklist on this wikia seen here I SHOULD have 100% in game. As my in game stats appear to line up with what is required for obtaining 100% in the game.

For 100% the following in game stats should read

- All 57 Story Missions completed

- All 5 Rare Weapons obtained

- All outfits with the exception of the Bureau Outfit (As the Bureau Outfit is unlocked after 100 %)

- All 5 Job Locations completed

- All Safehouses and Rental Properties Purchased

- All 7 Gang Hideouts completed

- All 4 Ambient Challenges completed

- All 20 Bounties completed

- All 18 Stranger Missions completed (18 not 19, as "I Know You" doesn't count)

- All 6 Minigames won

- All 94 Map Locations visited

After double checking my in game stats, I can find no indication that i'm missing anything else in the game. My stats line up with what should be 100% and yet my percentage is at 99.5% Can anyone offer some suggestions as to how I can find out what this missing 0.5% is? Because my in game stats tell me I should have 100%. as does the 100% checklist.