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    It's been too long since I've written a Red Dead Redemption story. I know a lot of people have wanted one, so here it is. I apologize for the wait.


    Red Dead Redemption: Legends of the West - Another Day in Paradise

    The dust kicked up from the wagon wheels drifted high as the vehicle came to a rolling hault. Jumping down, John Marston waved the dust out of his face and off of his clothing, where it had settled from the long journey and had caked the material. Walking around to help his wife, Abigail, down, John glanced in every direction, looking for familiar faces.
    It had been some time since he had visited Armadillo. John had been focusing on getting his ranch up and running that he hadn't even thought about returning. How…

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  • Sam samurai

    Found this awesome vid on Youtube. It's extremely well-made, and the song fits perfectly! Johnny Cash is great. Check it out!

    I was gonna put the video directly in the blog, but it isn't working for some reason. Still, I urge you to watch this video! Enjoy!

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    Just Some News

    January 20, 2012 by Sam samurai

    Hey, all! A few things have happened around the wiki, and I just wanted to get the word out.

    Honest to goodness, I've been planning on writing the next one, but I keep getting disturbed by my two friends Laziness and Procrastination....It'll be longer still until I post the next adventure, but do have patience and stick with me on this. Thanks in advance.

    However, in case you didn't know, there were other stories posted around the wiki. One of them was posted by AJ, and another one by JMJR.

    I'm not sure how many people know about this, but I'm hoping that plenty more will after they read this blog. 2k set this up a while back, and so far it hasn't caught on. This allows users who meet the qualifications to nominate and vote for which article w…

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    Well, much to my surprise, my first story was quite a hit. Many of you asked for more, so here it is. Remember to leave me feedback in the comment section. Without further ado...

    John Marston loaded the last bag of grain into the back of the wagon. Clapping his hands together to rid them of the dust, he walked around to the front of the wagon. His son, Jack, jumped down from the driver's seat.
    "Jack, stay with the wagon. I'm gonna go pay for this grain."
    "Alright, Pa," Jack said as John walked back inside the general store. Jack climbed back into the seat of the wagon.
    Inside, John made idle chat with the general store owner as he finished paying for the grain. "You come back, now," the man waved goodbye. John simply nodded and walked away. H…

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    Voting is now closed

    Well, there were quite a few votes, even after the vote count was set back to zero by accident. Don't worry, I accounted for all of the votes before that happened. The winner is 'Legends of the West' with 13 votes. 'The Marston Chronicles' came in second with 7 votes, and 'Outlaw to the End' came in last with 6 votes.

    There were also 2 votes for 'You suck and shouldn't do a series of RDR short stories,' but I'm sure they were just joshin' around...=P

    Anyway, thanks to everyone who voted! I'll be changing the title of my first story. I'll be sending messages to every registered user who commented on this blog whenever I post the next story. Thanks, all!

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