I Hate the Normal Ending

Red dead redemption is an awesome game experience, the best game ive played really. But the ending really let me down so I thought i try to make my own ending that i will follow.

My Idea

After peeking through the barn John goes back and lets out a sigh while looking up, as he looks up he sees a rolled up rope ladder, beside him lies a knife. John picks up the knife and throws it at the ladder causing it to fall, he climbs the ladder and gets to the roof where there are tied barrels. Before shooting the barrels John aims his gun toward them and says " This isnt how it ends!" he shoots the barrels makng them roll onto the soldiers bellow, buying him time to take them down. He then jumps from the roof, stares at their remains and says " Jack, Abigail im coming!"

Undead Nightmare

In my version undead nightmare starts after Red dead redemption and uncle rises from the dead and John dosent turn into a zombie, a zombie mode unlocks so you can choose to fight another plague or help around the destruction and bandits looting what they can and of course lots more.


If feeling glum on the ending make up your own and follow that.

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