Undead Overrun is the zombie online horde mode that comes with the Undead Nightmare DLC. After a bit of a hiatus from RDR online I joined my friend in a game of our favorite mode. But before the game started he told me they changed some things. The first change (and the most unnecessary) was the change to the font over the loadout mannequins. The new font glows a bit making it a bit difficult to read and it just looks bad (IMO). The old font was fine. The second change however is both an improvement and an annoyance. When you run out of time in Overrun you go into Sudden Death. People usually climb onto a roof, shoot away their ammo, then run around until they died. But if you had an ass on your team they'd just run ALL. DAMN. DAY. If you were dead then all you could do is just watch or piss away your XP by leaving the game. Well now in Overrun when you hit Sudden Death your considered lucky if you can even make it onto a roof. In Sudden Death Retchers turn into walking bombs and blow you up. I was blown up WHILE ON A ROOF!!! So you don't even get a chance to use the last of your ammo anymore. I sent Rockstar support an e-mail with a suggestion on a change (they said if you don't like the update then e-mail them). I said why not mix the two, let us get on a roof and shoot the zombies like before but when we're out of ammo we die? Another person said that we should get XP even if we quit. So my fellow RDR lovers I ask you:

Have you played the new Undead Overrun?

Do you like it? Why or Why not?

Do you have a suggestion on a way it could be fixed?

I'll record and post a video showing the changes to Overrun when I get a chance.

Also if you don't like the update Rockstar DOES want to hear from you! This is the e-mail they want you to send your concerns to:

Video's up!thumb|right|400px|An example of the new changes

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