So yesterday the doctors came by to see my leg to see what needed to be done. They decided to drain my leg of the infection (sounds gross I know). The surgeon and his helper came to my room to do the procedure. They lay down drapes, scrubbed up, and disinfected the procedure area. Time to numb my leg since they were going to be cutting it open and basically squeezing the infection out. "you won't be able to feel this going in" says the suregon. Only problem is I could and did, and it sucked. A lot. Little did I know that it was about to get worse. They waited a bit to let the medicine take effect and then begun. He grabbed the scalpel then started cutting...only problem was I could still feel it. When they squeezed the infection out I felt that too. And when they were feeling around in my leg I felt that as well. EVERYTHING they did, I felt. They didn't numb shit. Halfway through I realized that no relief would be coming my way so I just closed my eyes and grit my teeth. When it was over I just started to cry out of emotion. Even though the infection is out I'm still going to be in here for awhile. I just hope I don't have to go through that again.

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