Today, I had decided to go across the whole map in RDR and kill and skin anything that moves. Well, I started in Great Plains, and planned to end in Escelara. So, I started hunting around the Great Plains, bagged a few buffalo, sunk some cougars, grounded some hawks, and destroyed some dear. Then, in Beecher's Hope (inside the Marston's property), I saw a few elk and bighorns that had wandered down from Tall Trees. Killed those, then heard panting, and suddenly my Warhorse died. I turned around, and noticed a pack of 3 bears. I took 'em out with my Evans, then saw a pack of wolves. Here is where things got nuts. I skinned the wolves, and heard growling during the last skinning. When I was done, I looked over, and saw another pack of 5 wolves. So, I killed those, and while skinning the last one, I heard more growling. I saw another pack of 5 wolves. Thhis kept repeating until I had killed about 7 packs of wolves. When I was done with those, I heard panting, and saw 3 bears coming at me. I killed those, then noticed the corpses of the 3 bears I had killed earlier were gone, now replaced by the new ones. I looked over again, and saw another pack of 5 wolves charging at me. I took them down, then looked, and sure enough, the old wolf corpses were gone. I then killed some foxes and raccoons, then killed some more elk (yep, I checked, the older corpses were gone), then took some more bighorns down (same case with the bodies), then MORE wolves showed up, followed by more bears and cougars. Some new elk came down from Tall Trees, and after they died, more elk appeared. Bighorns, wolves, bears, elk, cougars, foxes, bucks, and dear kept respawning OVER AND OVER again. After about an hour and 45 minutes, I had 104 wolf pelts, 84 bear pelts, 164 dear skins, 73 elk skins, 81 bighorn horns, 68 fox furs, 97 cougar pelts, and 88 buck skins, and got about 15,000 dollors selling them in Escelara. Any thoughts?--With care and happiness, Supermutantslayer450' ROAR 02:16, July 6, 2010 (UTC)

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