I was excited back when they released the Myths and Mavericks DLC, I thought they would have included Landon Ricketts in the Redemption characters, but now I see why they released him later as part of the Revolution character set. After having the new DLC for a day or so I started to feel miffed. Why did they leave Archer Fordham out of all the chracter sets? He was personally one of my favorite characters, and he played as big of a role in the story as Jonah, if not bigger. Then, after talking to a group of friends and some followers on tumblr, I started creating potential character sets to send in as a suggestion to Rockstar. I had a lot of support for some of them, the most popular one being the Strangers set, which included:

D.S. Mackenna ("Lights, Camera, Action")

Andrew McAllister ("Water and Honesty")

Unnamed Woman ("Who Are You To Judge")

Silas Spatchcock ("Lights, Camera, Action")

Mario Alcalde ("Eva In Peril")

Jimmy Saint ("Funny Man")

Agent Howard Sawicki ("Remember My Family")

Juan de la Vara ("Poppycock / Love Is Opiate")

Sam Odessa ("California")

Strange Man ("I Know You")

This would also be the order they would be shown in their character set, with D.S. Mackenna leaning on a supply crate smoking, all the way down to the 10th "slot" with the Strange Man leaning against a rock glancing back and forth. I put a lot of thought into the selection of which Strangers to use, based on their distinguishing characteristics from their attire to their faces. I didn't want them necessarily blending with the average NPC so I avoided generic looking characters while still using characters that were high on a poll I was taking at the time. I'm not sure if anybody will see this, but if so I hope you enjoy the concept.


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