• Ttsahood

    feeling board so though of draw somthin:

    1:Ray gun

    its a bit bad but better than the others

    2:thunder gun

    best one until now

    well thats it for now it could have been boring but oh well

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  • Ttsahood

    hi everyone im Tarek also known as TTsahood on this wiki' so i was thinking of undead nightmare and how can they make it better ok so first of all lets start at the beginig......

    this mission is easy to pass but i have some sugestions.First lets whach the little video:

    1.First thing goes to the whole game: why do you have to get headshots to kill uncle and other zombies? i mean come on i play black ops zombies alot and i dont see anyone nedds to get headshots.

    2. I dont see the point why he needs to change his clothes in there with two (dumb bastards) really thats what he calls them

    1.ok so this is curious why does Doctor macdougal leave his bag with Nastas while Nastas is already dead?

    he died in red dead redemption at bearclaw camp so he shou…

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  • Ttsahood

    For the celebration of halloween the hunters 2 are offering a test skip for the first 2 to join!

    because it is the oppening of the undead hunters 2 posse in 5 days and we are planing a big thing now

    so if you join now you get everything unlocked fast and you get a A class membership,that means you get to be

    second in comand.

    we will also have the first 2 private objectives on the 4 of november:

    win the Hevy shot championship time:5:57 am
    take over west elizebeth (including Blackwater) time:1:42 pm

    and we will add 2 new models:

    (Landon Rickettes)

    (US Army)

    Ttsahood 17:46, November 3, 2011 (UTC) thanks for reading

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  • Ttsahood

    new posse: out now

    September 10, 2011 by Ttsahood

    special thanx for Is Lazy for helping me decide

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  • Ttsahood

    new posse: help needed

    September 9, 2011 by Ttsahood

    ok so i have about 7 people and we play online at the same time 7:00 pm and we all like to hunt so i decided to make us a posse for hunting and we are going to make our settlement bearclaw camp and i couldnt make up my mind on some things so i decided to put it on the wiki.


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