For the celebration of halloween the hunters 2 are offering a test skip for the first 2 to join!

because it is the oppening of the undead hunters 2 posse in 5 days and we are planing a big thing now

so if you join now you get everything unlocked fast and you get a A class membership,that means you get to be

second in comand.

we will also have the first 2 private objectives on the 4 of november:

win the Hevy shot championship time:5:57 am
take over west elizebeth (including Blackwater) time:1:42 pm

hevi shot championship at the bird hunting festival

Chicago-bears-logo (1)

the West Elizabeth badge awarded to the pose with the most land in West Elizabeth,we are planning to get it

and we will add 2 new models:

(Landon Rickettes)

(US Army)

Ttsahood 17:46, November 3, 2011 (UTC) thanks for reading

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