hi everyone im Tarek also known as TTsahood on this wiki' so i was thinking of undead nightmare and how can they make it better ok so first of all lets start at the beginig......

Love in the time of plague

this mission is easy to pass but i have some sugestions.First lets whach the little video:

thumb|384px|left|the video

1.First thing goes to the whole game: why do you have to get headshots to kill uncle and other zombies? i mean come on i play black ops zombies alot and i dont see anyone nedds to get headshots.

2. I dont see the point why he needs to change his clothes in there with two (dumb bastards) really thats what he calls them

Curious tales from blackwater USA

1.ok so this is curious why does Doctor macdougal leave his bag with Nastas while Nastas is already dead?

he died in red dead redemption at bearclaw camp so he should be a zombie correct? so why does he keep his bag with a dead man that turned to a zombie.

let me show you what i mean with the time line

Nastas dies he is dead until love in the time of plague then he is zombiefied and appears in Curios tales from Blackwater USA then the player kills him

as you can see Nastas is dead then zombiefied so how could Macdougal put his bag with him?

thanks for reading and please comment on what do you think about undead nightmare