Prolongs: In 1880 Jonah was born and here is his story.

Chapter 1: Jonah's fathers name was Ivan. Ivan was a mega outlaw for Blackwater. He worked with Dutch. When Jonah was 10, Ivan brought Dutch over to talk. Jonah heard them talking and was shocked. Jonah didn't think much of it until Edgar Ross a deputy at the time brought 5 soldiers to the hoisemto find Ivan. Jonah's mother Lisa was scared. Ivan was worried. Edgar final.y found Ivan, the soldiers aimed at his head, neck, and heart. Ivan then tried to run, Edgar shot him in the head. Ivan wasn't done yet, luckily in was a one shot gone with bullets the size of a piece of dead grass. The Dutch gang rode over the hill in Blackwater, when Edgar heard the shots, he didnt take time to kill Ivan. Ivan then patched his head up and ran away with Dutch. Meanwhile, John Marston and Javier Escuela came. Bill Williamson was leading the attack on Blackwater. Jonah was in shock. Lisa took Jonah to a more peaceful place in Macfarlenes Ranch. All the Macfarlene kids were outside working. Jonah was mentored by a young man Amos. Bonnie was his age they all were best friends. But what will happen next.

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